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What’s Up Bloggers

Continuing our series from what was started here: What's Up Bloggers! Friday Roundup #1. Are you ready? Ok, as a reminder, the purpose of this series is to "introduce bloggers to more of their peers in the blogosphere and likely offer new opportunities to make friends, build collaborations, and get more traffic for your own [...]

Enterprise SEO

It’s fair to say that not all SEO campaigns are created equal. While the basic goals are fairly consistent—high Google search rankings for targeted keywords, increased traffic and lead generation—the scope of different SEO projects can vary, as can the specific obstacles faced. Much of this variation hinges on the type of business being promoted: [...]

Schema JSON-LD WordPress Plugin

Google Structured Data has become an important SEO addition to every website since Google recommends the implementation of Schema.org markups to help its search engine to understand your content better, which leads to a better presentation in search results. Structured data refers to kinds of data with a high level of organization, such as information in a [...]

We’re Back

I know.  We never went anywhere, right?  True, we have always been here, but we are going to make a concerted effort to bring you new and exciting content.  And, of course, a place for you to hang your hat (or wear your hat!) and engage and interact with the rest of us.  After all, [...]

Dirty Laundry Facebook

Recently a photo began circulating Facebook that would have you think you are living in a scene from The Stepford Wives. The gist of this little infographic is that you shouldn’t put your dirty laundry on Facebook but rather in the laundry basket in the picture. The point is, you can say anything you want [...]

Custom Blog Design

There are some things that people take for granted without questioning them. Call them sacred cows, if you like. But we learn and grow from questioning, and when you have a bit of a rebel streak in you, as I do, you are likely to ask blasphemous questions. For instance, “Does a new blogger really [...]

Reinvent Blog

So you are on your couch watching one of your favorite movies on HBO. But suddenly, in a middle of nowhere, you get a brilliant idea about a post. The idea has got everything it needs to get viral, to get popular. Because of the fear that you might forget it, you ran frantically towards your [...]

10 Things You Need to Cease Doing on Social Media post image

Everyone is on social media, which is why you are using it as a marketing strategy for your business. However, some things that you do on social media could hurt your brand more than it helps it. Businesses who have content go viral know what they should and should not do. Therefore, today we are [...]

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