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How to Earn Money by Publishing High Paid Reviews while Saving the Internet World?

High Paid Reviews

Probably you have notice that FamousBlogger.net authority and popularity is increasing day by day because of the great efforts of so many bloggers in our blogging community who has been contributing amazing content and giving extremely high support. Today.. I will try to give some insights for those who are trying to get high paid reviews published on their blogs and earning money while making the internet world a better place for everybody, and try to have a discussion to understand paid reviews as a part of blogging for money.

I know that the answer to this question seems to be a little complicated, I mean.. Who can do high paid reviews and earn good money without including some white lies?! Well.. We have done it! and we have an answer to this complicated question I will share with you, but first.. and because thanking people for their good work is very important -even if I don’t mention them by names- I must do it before anything else, I am sorry!

I want to take the chance to talk a little about Famous Bloggers as a growing community for bloggers who wants to learn, and at the same time share and teach their own working techniques and tips with others, and thank them for the great work.

I also want to thank the Internet Marketers, because of them I now know what “Paid Reviews” means, and I am going to share with you my own story -I hope you do’t mind- that happened when I first started blogging, and challenges I was facing at that time, maybe you will find something interesting or you will know about something you have been missing!

Funny things always happen to me at the beginning of discovering anything!

Generally speaking, paid reviews is a nice and fast way to make money from the internet if you know how to do them, and you do them “Fast”!

I have done several paid reviews through common paid reviews services, it was the very first thing I ever know that really allows you to earn fast and make money by writing on your own blog about services and products, but the “Fast” was not fast enough, always there is a problem, but the good thing in this life is for each problem there is always a solution, and some times there are more than one solution, you just need to look for them on the right place!

How the Magic Started?

After a few months from starting my new blog, and after the first Google PageRank update, I got my first self hosted blog’s PageRank of 4, this made advertisers and marketer contact me almost every week asking for a “blog review”!

To be honest, I didn’t know how to write a good review or even whatever review, I actually didn’t know what is a “blog review” at that time!

Don’t be shocked, but I am telling the pure truth!

It’s very common thing if you used to live in a country that promises everyday to provide an affordable and cheap internet connections regarding the revolution of communication, and you wait and wait, and nothing from that happen. If you live in a country that is not on PayPal list and you can not bring the cash you have earned in. If your first language is not English and all the time try to discover what people are talking about!

You Must Overcome your Challenges

I remember I was suffering from all of that and having no hope of earning from the internet, and I had to go with Google AdSense because they pay by Western Union which has a hand on every country, but the daily 0.20 cents will not take care of hunger, AdSense earnings was not enough for anything! But because nothing is impossible in this life, I had to find a way. After several tries and wasted time, I finally discovered the solution, in one word it’s “Connections”, powerful connections with people from all over the world! (If you know what I mean!)

What a Hunter like me will do?!

Marketers and advertisers introduced me to this -new to me- world, and of course, a hunter like me will “immediately” try to understand why those guys want to pay me for, and what’s so special about my blog that makes it valuable for them!

So, I tried to discover what is a blog review, and I got the picture -I thought I did- it seemed to be very simple, just write whatever 300 words review the service or the product, tell people how much you like it, and how awesome it is to have it and you will get paid from $10 up to $40 per review!

What I have DONE? And what I have GOT?!

Probably now you know what’s missing, it’s the word “Honest”, it’s missing from all those reviews, yes.. Those reviews was not honest enough!

I really don’t know how this happened! maybe because the concept of working online was a little confusing at the beginning and I just didn’t get it!

What I have done?! I wrote fast cheap paid reviews that -in my own personal opinion- worth nothing, and what I have got now is a nice full of crap paid reviews blog that also -in my personal opinion- worth nothing, just nothing!

Some times I am afraid to share… But silent is not the solution!

Sorry” will not solve the problem, but maybe working hard to change that will maybe fix it, some nice hard new start probably will change the world!

Changing the World!

I didn’t fully understand that mistake when I was doing it, and probably instead of feeling guilty I was proud of it, I mean I am making money online, and everything seems to be fine, but it wasn’t!

I really don’t blame my self -I would if I still doing it till now- but what I did to change the world?!

I had a dream, I made a plan, I did some sacrifices, and I worked hard! and again I am so thankful for those who dreamed with me!

Since I started FamousBloggers.net, and I am thinking different about everything, I am so open to learn and discover the facts of everything around me, I take it a step by step, and I don’t rush things! and after working for several month we could get enough popularity, and enough amount of traffic to attract marketers!

I realized that a review is a review, no matter what, but you have to write it based on your own personal experience with the service or the product you are reviewing, we must know what we are talking about, we should review only what we know is right, and this is how we are doing here on Famousbloggers.net!

How we put our Paid Reviews Policy

So many people knows that we have created a powerful community here at FB, and a lot are visiting our advertising page almost everyday, I receive emails from advertisers and marketers on daily basis, I reject so many requests because I know our blog readers, I feel what they like and dislike, and I am looking forward to know them more in the future to give them what they need, want and looking for!

I had to add this to our advertising page to tell marketers about how we do paid reviews:

We have a group of motivated writers, they can review your product or service. contact us if your service or product match our niche and tell us about your needs, our reviews prices start from $xx (we don’t review any product or service unless we try it and take a deep look inside!)

I put xx instead of the price because it could change at any time, so I won’t include it here, anyways.. review price is not a big deal, the deal here is how we are doing it, and how we will introduce the service or the product to our blog readers, those who put their trust on us, those who knows that we got paid to publish a review, so.. I am going to tell this fact, we will never review something on FamousBloggers just because we got paid for it!

The benefits of writing Honest Reviews

Our first rule is to write an honest review, and this is the main thing I am discussing with our marketers when they contact me, there is nothing in this world will make us write what the marketers want, there is only honest reviews, they pay us because of the fact that we are honest!

So, if the service or product we are talking about doesn’t appeal to be a high level service, then we will have to include that on our review, and no matter what.. we will never sell our readers for a few dollars!

And guess what?! This really works, people respect us when we tell the truth, right?

Even marketers and products owners are respecting us because we give them a honest review, which is a great help to them to enhance and evaluate their own service or product, they deal with it as a good and helpful feedback, and that’s pretty cool!

How to write a high paid review?

Because we have done great job with our paid reviews experiment, then we will try to rank our reviews higher in search engines, because we have nothing to hide or to be shy of, and probably this explain our paid review prices and conditions, it’s clearly because of the kind of service we provide, why not giving some points or steps of writing a high paid review:

We are working day and night to guarantee that every piece of content going out to our readers is 100% safe, and has value.

We have rejected so many posts and articles from a few bloggers, marketers and link builders, and I have talked about this before, the reason is they are aiming only to build backlinks to their clients by writing guest posts and getting it published on several blogs!

I am so thankful to all bloggers who supported FamousBloggers.net all the way!

We just want everybody to know that we are accepting guest posts only from real bloggers, we support bloggers in our community, and if see in the future any reviews is because we know the person, we trust and support them, mainly because they are our community friends.

Gaining the Trust!

This is trust, it’s the most valuable and important thing in our lives, building trust is not easy because trust is a “good thing” and good things are always hard to achieve!

I am sure there are hundreds of bloggers have done it, doing it, and will do it over and over! I must tell you, it’s all in your hands to change all that, it’s a simple decision you can make today, maybe it’s hard to achieve, but it’s completely worth your hard work, I promise you, it will pay off one day, and probably better than you can imagine!

That was how we got high paid reviews published on our blog and earning money while making the internet world a better place!

So… plz learn from my mistakes, and participate in making the online world a better place!

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