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Strengthen Your Article Marketing With CommentLuv Links

Article Marketing

Recently, I worked with a client who had articles that were published back in January on a variety of article marketing sites.

The client had taken a look at their articles, and noticed some were not cached. After some additional research, I found that, depending on the network, some articles were cached but not indexed, some came up in search results but were not cached, and some articles were neither cached nor indexed. I wondered, if the articles were not picked up by Google, what kind of value, if any, were their backlinks.

Top Reasons for Article Writing

In the case of this client, the reason they are writing articles is to build backlinks to their website. But there are many more reasons people write on article sites alone or in addition to their own personal blogs, including:

Why You Need to Build Links to Your Articles

No matter what reason you write articles on article directories or community sites, you should consider building backlinks to those articles. Why? Let’s look at how building backlinks can help you succeed at the above top reasons for article publishing.

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Link Building for Your Website

If you are using article marketing to build links to your website or blog, building backlinks to those articles will help ensure that they are cached and indexed. If you build enough links to an article, it may also gain some Google PageRank which will make it a more valuable backlink to your website.

Increasing Search Engine Traffic

If the goal of each article is to get traffic to your website or blog, then the goal for each article should be increased traffic for keywords that relate to your website or blog. Building backlinks to your articles will boost them in search results for particular terms, and you will eventually get more traffic from search engines to your articles which will hopefully convert to visitors to your website.

Earning Income

If you use sites such as HubPages as a way to earn income, then building backlinks to your articles will get more traffic to them. The more visitors to your article, the more chances they will click on ads which will help you earn more money off of them.

Direct Traffic from CommentLuv Links

For any goal that must be achieved from having more traffic directed to your content marketing articles, aside from just boosting the articles ranking in search engines results bringing in search engine traffic, you can also gain a significant amount of traffic simply from the CommentLuv links. Leaving great comments on blog posts enabled with CommentLuv that are related to the same topic of the article you leave behind as your CommentLuv link will likely result in people clicking on your article from the blog comment itself, as well as possibly sharing it on social networks and their blogs as well for even more traffic and links.

Setting Up Specific Article Profiles on ComLuv

As you know, to get the best benefits from CommentLuv blog commenting, you should setup your site on ComLuv. This goes for everything from blogs to article directories.

Here is some information about a few of the most popular article directories and communities, plus specific guides on how to setup your article site profile on ComLuv, including everything from registering for a new account, adding additional URL’s to existing accounts, and the advantages of using default links.

The statistics links gives information about the number of submissions to Digg, Twitter, Yahoo Answers, and other social sharing information about each article site, provided by Quarkbase.

NEW Associated Content

PageRank Alexa Links Income Approval Time Social Data
6 544 Nofollow Yes 1 – 2 weeks Statistics

Associated Content, like Bukisa, allows you to add links in the body of your article, but they are nofollow links. Income generation is based on the number of views on your articles, plus you can earn money upfront by completing articles that are most wanted. Featured contributors have the chance to make anywhere from $10 – $1,000 up front for Assignment Desk articles.

Learn how to promote Associated Content articles with CommentLuv.


PageRank Alexa Links Income Approval Time Social Data
5 5,146 Nofollow Yes Immediate Statistics

Bukisa allows you to add links in the body of your article, although they are nofollow links. Income generation is based on the number of views on your articles as well as members you refer to Bukisa (you get a share of their income).

Learn how to promote Bukisa articles with CommentLuv.


PageRank Alexa Links Income Approval Time Social Data
6 128 Dofollow No Avg. 1 Week Statistics

EzineArticles allows you to add two dofollow links with anchor text in the author bio field of each article. They have some of the strictest guidelines in terms of the number of times keywords can be mentioned, and they do not allow overly promotional articles mentioning specific sites / company names too often.

Learn how to promote EzineArticles with CommentLuv.


PageRank Alexa Links Income Approval Time Social Data
4 1,746 Dofollow No Immediate Statistics

GoArticles allows you to add dofollow links with anchor text within the article and in the author bio field of each article.

Learn how to promote GoArticles with CommenLuv.


PageRank Alexa Links Income Approval Time Social Data
6 214 Mix Yes Immediate Statistics

HubPages allows you earn income from your articles, or hubs, by linking to various affiliate and CPC sites such as Adsense, Kontera, Ebay, and Amazon, as well as earn a percentage of the income that your referrals make on their hubs.

HubPages allows links in the body of their article. To get dofollow links, you must increase your HubPages profile score to above 75 by doing a variety of things including publishing hubs, commenting on other hubs, posting in the HubPages forum, and building your HubPages karma.

Learn how to promote HubPages with CommentLuv. This article is probably the most detailed because I was able to add screenshots throughout the various steps.


PageRank Alexa Links Income Approval Time Social Data
8 241 Mix Yes Immediate Statistics

Squidoo allows you earn income from your articles, or lenses, by getting a percentage of the clicks on your lenses’ Adsense, Amazon, and eBay items.

Squidoo allows links in the body of their lenses. To get dofollow links, you must give your lens a fair amount of content by adding additional modules to it. So instead of just having one chunk of text, it would be a good idea to add an Amazon module with some books related to your topic, a guestbook, and maybe an image or two.

Learn how to promote Squidoo Lenses with CommentLuv. This article also includes screenshots and how to create a RSS feed for your Squidoo lenses (not as easy to find as other article sites).

Using CommentLuv for Other Article Directories

These are certainly not the only article networks out there, just some of the ones I have seen most often used. Using similar directions as the ones for the above listed sites, you should be able to add other article sites and directories to your ComLuv profile as well, providing that the article site gives you a member profile URL and a RSS or XML feed URL for your articles.

Your Article Marketing Promotion Strategies

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Do you build backlinks for your articles on article directories or networks? Let us know your experiences and the benefits, especially if you use CommentLuv to promote your articles! Also, if there is an article network you use that you would like to see the guide for, let me know in the comments and I will create it for you! And if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me directly through my website – I’ll be happy to help!

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