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What is a Hub-Page and Why Should You Make One?

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A hub-page is a free, simple website you can build as a means to add exposure to your web presence and business.

Even if your main website is a personal one, you can still create a hub-page to bring people’s attention to it. The more positive exposure your web presence receives, the better.

All you have to do is visit www.hubpages.com and get started.  The layout is pretty straightforward, so even if you don’t have a lot of HTML experience, you should be able to put everything together without any problems.  Make sure you use original content—don’t simply copy and paste something from another website or blog, including your own.

The idea is to get people interested in visiting your main site or blog, so don’t just use the same ole’ content.

Why are hub-pages so important?

Obviously, the main idea behind them is exposure.

What makes so many webmasters interested in creating this type of page, though?

One reason is because the site ranks extremely high in Google’s ranking, and the pages are indexed very quickly.  Your hub-page will probably be indexed more quickly and ranked higher than your regular site or blog!

Since the site ranks so highly, the backlinks you get will help your own rank higher.  The number of relevant backlinks you have influences the ranking of your website or blog, and hubpages.com is one of the best sites from which to get them.  It’s better to have a few backlinks from these pages than a hundred at a bunch of worthless directories.

As long as your hub-page is well put together and informative, you can expect some visitors to click on your links.  An average visitor will probably stay for three minutes or more reading the content.  If it is all well written, the average visitor will more than likely want to visit your main website or blog to read more.  Hopefully, you’ll see a huge influx of traffic and establish yourself as an expert on your niche.

Another great thing to note is that your hub-page will bring you targeted traffic.  This means that visitors must actually search or browse for the topic in order to find your page.

If you’re trying to sell products, or at least earn revenue from AdSense, you could see an increase in the money you earn by having targeted visitors interested in what you have to say and offer.  Ultimately, money is the one thing that all webmasters and bloggers want to get their hands on, and although they all use different techniques, everyone can agree that Hub-Pages are essential.

Since there’s a lot of competition out there, you need to make wise decisions in regards to your search engine optimization techniques.  Sometimes, though, it can be very difficult to get your website to rank highly in Google, no matter how hard you try.  This is why hub-pages are so important—they are indexed very quickly, and no black-hat SEO methods are used.  This means you can have backlinks from a trusted, safe source, thus increasing the value of your web presence.

Sites where you can create free hub-pages include:







How have you used HubPages to benefit your blog? Share your views in the comments below.

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