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Marketing Articles and Hit-and-run Social Bookmarking Technique

Hit-and-run Technique

Today is Tuesday and this means that we are going to present our weekly round up. All the marketing articles I present to you here were submitted to the MMO social bookmark and network at one point or another. So if you want to get your article listed here then be sure to submit your posts to MMO.

Because of the feedback I got I want to change my weekly round up a little bit. I am going to add some information as to why I chose each article. Then depending on the topic I will also sprout up a discussion on a related topic.

Hit-and-run Social Bookmarking

There is a very important article I want to highlight today, it’s about the Hit-and-run Social Bookmarking technique that most of members are following, once they get theirs submission completed, they just run without checking what others submitted to the site, only a few members take the time to check the upcoming stories which is not actually published yet on the site, and it will not appear in the RSS feed because it doesn’t have enough votes, it will remain in queue for 2 days till we archive it, and this happen to a lot or your links!

So, basically what you are doing is you are wasting your time and effort, you are not getting a quality backlink or any traffic because your link will not reach the homepage! If every member did the Hit-and-run then there will be no published and promoted articles! and this is not what social bookmarking sites are about!

Plz, submit your article, tweet it using the “Post to twitter” link, check the other submissions in the upcoming stories and vote if you find it useful!

Here is What I Have Found For You Today on MMO Social Network

Marketing Articles

My Criteria

To make this more interesting for you I want to talk about how I choose the links I include in my weekly round up. Generally I will include every article that I think fits to the topic I choose. For example this week I decided to stick with marketing articles.

There were some articles that didn’t have anything, at least in my opinion, to do with marketing and that’s why I left them out. I also look at the blog and how it is designed. The cleaner and the nicer the layout the more likely is that I am going to include your article in our round up.

Also note that one of the most important factors is whether an article is generic or whether it covers new ideas of approaching things.

What do you think? Do you like the changes I adopted to the weekly round up? What do you think should we change? And most important of all did you like the articles I included?

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