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Top 5 Most Popular Social Bookmarking Websites using Drupal CMS and Drigg Module

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Great list of social bookmarking websites for Making Money Online, Blogging and Design niches brought to those who would like to get more promotion and extend their blogs backlinks, the collection has different tastes but the interesting thing is all these social bookmarking websites are using Drupal CMS the most powerful open source platform for creating websites and Drigg module, the same engine we use to run our MMO Social Network, which means DoFollow!

Each one of these websites has it’s own unique design as a social bookmarking website, and I enjoy the good looking and clean designs, and how beautiful most of them are. I recommend you join these social networking websites as it will work for you better than Digg and other monsters websites that is already crowded and not giving much Luv anymore.

MMO Social Network PR 4

Making Money Online Social Network

MMO Social Network is a website for Making Money Online and Blogging Tips niche bookmarks, and has AdSense share revenue system that allow it’s members to earn up to 100% from displaying ads to their submission pages.

Design Gizer PR4

DesignGizer - design news social bookmarking site

DesignGizer is your window on the design world, a powerful Design Bookmarks and Social Network made for designers to share their work and blogs for those who want to charge the power of design.

WP-Scoop PR4

WP Scoop

WP-Scoop (WordPress Scoop) is website dedicated to bringing you WordPress related News, Reviews and Stories. All the latest and greatest information on the WordPress blogging platform can be found on the pages of WPscoop.

WebDev5 PR 3

WebDev5 - Web development social bookmarks

WebDev5 is a Web development social bookmarks site, it brings together the latest news in the web design and web development community from thousands of sources. Find the best news,srcipt, vector, tutorials and resources of the day and vote for your favorite stories.

DesignBump PR 6

Design Bump

DesignBump from it’s name you can imagine what is it about, and it’s highly recommended social bookmarking website and community for designers.

The Web Blend PR 5

The Web Blend

The Web Blend is a community for designers, developers and tech junkies that keeps you current with a summary of the latest in web related news and trends.

What you think?

Do you agree that new and fresh bookmarking websites like the above will help you on generating ideas as well as traffic?

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