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8 Social Bookmarking Sites You May Not Have Heard Of

Social Bookmarking Sites

In the last few years, social media has taken off. If you aren’t using social media, some might look at you funny and ask why. Due to all of the success with social media, several people have created sites to help bloggers and niche communities by creating social booking sites. Since the creation of social bookmarking sites, there have been hundreds of sites created. Some of them became overnight successes, while others not so much.

With all the social bookmarking sites being created, how does one know which ones they should be using? For me, I generally try sites that fellow bloggers create or recommend. I test them out and if I like them, I stick with them. If not, I move on. If I come across a bookmarking site on my own, I generally read the articles and find out if the topics are related to what I write about, I also look to see how much traffic the site gets. If everything works out, I start testing the site for a few weeks to a month. If it works out, then I will write about it. If not, I no longer use the site.

Today, I decided, I would share my list of favorite social bookmarking sites with the readers of Famous Bloggers. I have listed eight sites in no particular order that have performed well for me or have the potential to be a success.

My Favorite Bookmarking Sites

1. BizSugar

BizSugar, make it easier to learn more about business

BizSugar is a social bookmarking site that was designed to make it easier to learn more about business. This site shares links to articles that cover topics in new business strategies, tactics, and news. If you are new to online business or even a small business owner, this site will help you find your way through building a successful business.

2. WPhits

WordPress only social bookmarking

WPhits is a new WordPress only social bookmarking site that recently went live and was created by Omer of WebTechWise. This bookmarking site was built on WordPress and not on the standard social bookmarking Pligg CMS module. The site was coded and designed by Omer. Since Omer is a designer, the site not only looks good, but the navigation is easy to follow. This site is still being worked on, and he is working to add more features. I look forward to using this site for all my WordPress needs.

3. Blog Engage

Blog Community and Social Network

Blog Engage is the first social bookmarking site I ever joined. This site is what got me inspired to blog about new media, and I have met a lot of great bloggers such as Hesham and many others. This site brings me a lot of good traffic, but you have to spend a lot time voting and commenting on blogs that are part of the community. I stopped spending time here for a few months when life issue took over, and I didn’t have much time to marketing my sites. Because of that time off, I saw a good drop in traffic from here. But it’s starting to come back up, and I should be a top performer soon.

Blog Engage is a social network that allows you submit articles to their site. Each article you submit is promoted by the members, and if it’s a good article it will make it to the front  page. Interaction is key on this site. No interaction means no traffic for you articles.

Recently the owner, Brian, created a premium service that will automatically submit your articles to Blog Engage through your RSS feed. Once signed up, all you need to do is concentrate on engaging with other members.

4- Blog Interact

Blog Interact - Social Bookmarks for Bloggers

Blog Interact was established for a few purposes. It allows for bloggers, writers, photo and video journalists, and those that are simply interested in various blog and multi-media topics to come together, submit their favorite story, photos, videos, and more, and engage and “interact” with one another. It is a “user-friendly” social media network.

5. Make Money Online

Making money online social bookmarking site

MMO is a social bookmarking site that was created for the online business owner. You can find articles on almost anything that involves making money online, blogging, design, SEO, social media and WordPress.

6. DesignGizer

Social bookmarking site that caters to the design community

DesignGizer is a social bookmarking site that caters to the design community. It’s a new site, but it gets a fair amount of traffic, and the site is growing daily. So, if you are designer, check it out and start submitting your articles today.

7. The Web Blend

Design News social bookmarking site

The Web Blend is another design social bookmarking site. It is one of the more popular ones and receives a lot of new articles daily. This site is another site where you have to spend time on it if you want more than just a backlink. You have to spend time voting and commenting on articles that were submitted.

8. Design Float

Social bookmarking sites for designers

Out of all the social bookmarking sites for designers, Design Float is one of my favorite sites. It doesn’t get as much traffic as The Web Blend gets, but I get a lot of traffic from Design Float. In fact, out of all of the social bookmarking sites I submit to, Design Float gives me the most referral traffic.

Final Thoughts

I submit my articles to a lot of different bookmarking sites. Of course, I do not submit to every site every time. I only submit certain articles to certain sites. I will submit articles to sites that I know  will do well on a site, but if that topic performs poorly on another, I will not submit it to them. Out of all the sites I am using or have used, the sites I have listed are my favorites, and they have given me the best results.

If you know of any social bookmarking sites that I did not mention that work for you, please share them with us.

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