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Google Page Rank Update June 2010 and BlueHost Addon Domain Problems

google pagerank update

Google Page Rank update was not surprising to me this time at all, I remember last time that no body really cares for it, and I became one of those who think that Google Page ank kind of a big joke and only for decoration! But of course as you might know Google PageRank still something to consider if you are selling advertisements on your blog, it’s actually one of the main things that attract advertisers to your blog or webs site.

Google Page Rank was updated early today, I was talking with Andy of ComLuv network when he notice the change, but I couldn’t recognize it because this time non of my blogs has changed, all remain the same I guess!

I am just thinking about the reason that our blog is not getting a higher PR by Google, probably the blog is leaking it’s PR somewhere, so let me give you some notes that might be the reason:

All these points above could heart the Page Rank, especially changing the Theme Theme folder, probably Google will consider that you have changed the whole theme, and probably you did! so if someone had the same problem, plz tell me!

SEO Problems

I will tell you about a problem I discovered recently after talking on Skype with Hash of ShoutMeLoud and he gave me some nice SEO advice that really helped with search engines traffic. After that I discover a big mistake I was doing which is hosting several domain names on BlueHost shared hosting, FamousBloggers.net is actually the primary domain, but for some reason when you host or transfer another domain name on the same shared hosting BlueHost create a sub domain from your primary domain name that you can access the new domain from it, confused? Let me explain to you more!

BlueHost, Add-On Domains, and .htaccess

When I first bought www.mmosocialnetwork.com domain name, I hosted on BlueHost as a beta, and it’s still beta site till now, I was planning to move it to a VPS hosting on the first chance, I just don’t have the time to do it right now. BlueHost created a sub domain from famousbloggers.net for the mosocialnetwork like this:

mmosocialnetwork.famousbloggers.net I didn’t at the beginning that this will give me SEO problems, and probably it’s the main reason that I can not control Page Rank or anything!

I Googled the internet trying to find a solution because customer service will not give a good help with that because it’s not their business to do SEO consult for their clients, I found one article talk about the exact problem I am having, it’s talking about BlueHost, Add-On Domains, and .htaccess, and they author was kind enough to share how he solved the BlueHost addon domain name SEO problem, but unfortunately the codes somehow was not working for me, or maybe I was tired that night and I gave up after some hard tries, and I decided to try again latter!

Why I am sharing this

Google PageRank is not so very important to me like before, but it’s good to get a PR of 5 to feel the power, I am sharing these notes and things happened with me on this blog, so maybe you will come across this post one day and give me some ideas, advice or maybe share your story!

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