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Google PageRank update is knocking the doors of your blog, are you Ready?


Are you bored of hearing about Google PageRank over and over? Well there must be some other bloggers out there who are more excited to know what PR Google will decided for their blogs this time more than you do. But both of you are invited to a little chat today about Google PageRank and SEO.

The coming PageRank update is probably by will happen at the end of this month, march 2010, I am not so sure as no body knows the exact day, but it means that there is no time, so I am not going to ask you what you are going to do, but I will ask you what you have done for your blog to get a higher page rank? And are you ready for the next Google PR update?

Maybe some of you don’t believe of don’t care that much for pagerank, but personally I believe of Google PageRank, because I follow what advertisers are looking for in a blog.

I am waiting for the next update since the last one occurred, it a part of my blogging challenge, I need to know if I am going toward the right way or not, and because I have worked so hard on the last three months on FamousBloggers.net blog, I am looking forward to see the results of my work, I will so excited if I got a page rank of 4 for this round, as I think a 5 stars Page Rank is not easy to get and it probably needs more harder work and domain name age.

Have we earned any experiences?

If you are a regular reader of FamousBloggers.net blog, then I am 100% sure that the last three months of visiting our blog has changed the way you look to YOUR blog, as we was publishing all money making related topics for you, and we was exchanging our experiences everyday together while commenting and networking, so there must be a change happen during that time!

There were great bloggers doing awesome guest blogging for FamousBloggers.net, and no matter what we do we will never be able to return their favor, those bloggers were sharing the best of their work with us, and publishing it to our blog believing it’s the right place for these content to be placed, and trusting us to take care of their content, and we will work hard to meet their expectations.

Have we reached the end of post?

Absolutely NOT! This is only the beginning of this post, I am done with the <head>, and I will move to the comment section <body> to talk with you and have a little good chat about anything comes into our mind regarding Google PageRank and SEO, what we have learned from each other, and what’s our expectations for the next Page Rank update, so meet me below and let’s have some fun.

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