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Guest Blogging Contest is a result of realizing the benefits of guest blogging, and trying to find a way to award our guest bloggers who really make difference by writing for us, we didn’t find a better way than running a new writing contest  and spice it with some popularity and exposure, and we are able to a ward five of our guest bloggers.

Update: contest ended, view contest results

The Official Guest Blogging contest

If you are looking for the official post of the contest, then you are on the right place, but we have to remind you with our media partner and our Famous Guest Bloggers Group that we are running during the contest start/end time. So, make sure to join us on MyBlogGuest.com for contest updates and support.

Our sponsors:

We are accepting only cash via PayPal, services and products related to our blogging niche, so If you are welling to sponsor our contest, plz contact us.

Our Prizes Started at $248 and reached $712.75

Our winners:

We are going to have 5 winners, which means a very big chance for you to win one of our prizes, but I you think about the great benefits of guest blogging you will find your self a winner in all cases. We will pronounce winners and prizes inside our Famous Guest Bloggers Group.

Who can participate?

Our contest is open for everyone who writes any related topic to our blog categories, and this means anyone can be part or it as long as you write unique and fresh post specially for the contest. PLZ make sure you have a valid PayPal account, we are not able to use any other service to deliver prizes.

We will accept only high quality articles related to these niches:

Making Money Online, Marketing, Blogging Tips, SEO, Promotion, Branding, Social Networking, Web Design and Development.

Examples on How to write your post

We have picked up a few posts for you to check, so plz take a look to these posts, it will give you an idea on how to write yours:

Contest Guidelines:

  1. Take a look to our submit your article page before start writing your post
  2. Write your post and submit it to your Famous Bloggers account
  3. Write a very simple post on your blog with links to our sponsors above & prizes (you might link to this post)
  4. Promote it the way you like! (send it to all your social media friends)

How to win?

First of all (remember) this is a writing/popularity contest, means the useful good content force readers to like it, so be sure to make your post from that type! Then start promoting it using social media, bookmark sites, and even on your blog, this will grantee the maximum exposure for your post and your blog, and don’t worry.. we will help you on promoting your post and share it with our community readers.

We will collect points depending on:

Contest Start/End

If you are reading this post, then that means the contest is open and running, if today is 31 March then the contest is close, and we will pronounce and deliver prizes to winners during next April 2010. OK, again the contest is already running and will end at 31 of March 2010.

Scribe Content plugin and good news

We have installed Scribe SEO content plugin specially for this contest, Scribe is a content optimization plugin for WordPress that will help us analyze and optimize your post in the best form, so you really don’t need to set keywords, tags, description, or even an image thumbnail to be attached with your post, we are going to do all the work for you, we have 300 evaluations which probably enough for analyzing 100 posts, and this should cover all contest posts.

Good Luck to all

And looking forward for your great entries.

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