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How Famous Bloggers use Comments for Content Creation

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At FamousBloggers we have a different way to think about comments and deal with them, we treat comments here as part of our post, don’t get me wrong, we will  NOT steal your comments or make money from your comments lol! We actually award our blog commenter by our own way! And probably you will earn money by commenting on our blog and join our conversations, after a few days we will pronounce the winner, and tell you who is the Famous commenter of January 2010.

How we build content at Famous Bloggers

FamousBloggers blog depends on your comments more than you think, and sometimes we build the post from the comments, some times we have a question for you and we actually don’t know the answer, and some other times we know the answer but we want to hear from a different mind to be sure of what we know! and this is the strategy we follow to keep this blog safe, helpful and informative for it’s community by the community, and there is a number of post here to approve it like this post by Mike of Craving Tech about  How Fast a New Post gets Indexed with Thesis Theme? … it’s an example of how we can build content using comments.

Before Commenting on Famous Bloggers

So, by adding your comment think always before you hit the submit button:

We love also to have fun commenting, but not all the time 😉

After Commenting on Famous Bloggers

So, what is happening here when you add  a comment is that you participate on building FamousBloggers blog content, so it make sense that you should promote posts you comment on by sharing them on your social networks, I personally tweet 99% of posts I comment on and I only have two hands and one working laptop, so imagine if I have two laptops and a better bureau I will do my business better, well.. blog miracle could happen 😉

So.. let’s build a better blog and great content together! And don’t miss our monthly commenting contests!

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