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How Fast a New Post gets Indexed with Thesis Theme

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I was running out of ideas to write a post a few days ago so I thought I tried to visit Google Trends and checked out what’s happening.

Normally I could only see celebrities or general news on Trends and nothing that I could use for my technology blog at Craving Tech. However, a few days ago I saw a “hot” trend of people searching for the “Tiny YouTube Converter”. So I thought I should have written a topic about it and see what would happen.

The topic was so hot that there were lots of sites written about it in an instant. There were around 1,000,000 sites returned on a search for “tiny youtube converter” keywords. I didn’t hesitate anyway and started to write about the same thing on my blog. After all, I’ve been hearing how Google like the Thesis theme and all those marketing words I thought I wouldn’t believe blindly.

As soon as I hit the publish button, I waited for about 10 min and start searching for my post on Google. Of course, 10 minutes to get indexed sounds a bit crazy so I waited again. Half an hour later, I found my post already indexed by Google! (using “site:cravingtech.com tiny youtube converter” to search).  Google actually wrote that the page was indexed 29 minutes ago. So yeah, 29 minutes after the post was published, it was already on Google, it’s amazing!

But I’ll be honest, this test was a bit inaccurate because as soon as I published the post, I submitted my post to:

So the question still remains: Does Google really like the Thesis theme structure so much that the post got indexed so quickly? Don’t expect miracles, though. Because even though my post was published, I still couldn’t find my post on the first 20 Google search result pages.

Do you have any great indexing stories to tell about the Thesis theme?

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