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What’s the Relationship between Money, Blog Comments and True Love?


There is a very strong relationship between Money and Blog commenting that I would like to talk about first, I have just discovered this connection because I can see the number of interactions on our posts is going down some times, specially after we stopped the cash motivation when we decided not to do more blog commenting contests again, is this true?!

Nobody can Not buy love!

Anyways! I am not thinking to start any new commenting contests in the future, that was before, but now I am completely confident that YOUR comment worth more than money, commenting is more like love, you can not buy it, and you can not pay for it!

So, I am trying hard to develop ideas for more powerful contests like our Guest Blogging Contest we are running this month which will a ward writers for their real and big efforts.

I had enough from “Thanks you” and “Call me plz!” comments type, I really want to stop it for ever, I will do this only if I have a good relationship with the person I am commenting on his/her blog, at least not on my first visit to your blog.

Comments for Better Blogging

I really want to create quality content from blog comments because I am sure that everyone visit a blog will take a look and read a few comments before leaving, and there is some great tips which add a real value to the original posts in the comment section of respectful blogs all the time!

So plz, if you have value to add to our posts by commenting on them plz do it and you will gain our respect, and if you don’t then…

No Money can buy a true Comment

Don’t do it for Money! Blog commenting is not about money, although I know and you know that some sites owners pay for it, they hire someone to do it on blogs on their niche, so they do paid comments… what else they can do?! mmm.. Well.. You tell me about something they don’t sale and buy online these days! Anyways it’s not only about money, trust me!

The Hate in Comments – very short story!

I received a very offending feedback yesterday from the best kind 🙂 , it was from a very mad person, I don’t know him and I didn’t bother because I only got his IP address, so.. anyways, he said bad words to me because he was here to add a comment to get a backlink, and when he discovered that FamousBloggers.net is not a DoFollow blog (this is what he thought) then he got so mad that he added an offending comment!

By the way I don’t get offended and reply back most of the times because I am trying to deal professionally with any comment (as much as I can!) But this person is a spammer! What I will do to make him happy?! Actually I will do nothing.

Removing DoFollow?

I am telling everybody again, I am setting the NoFollow plugin to remove the nofollow tag after quite good number of comments, I will not remove it from the first time you add a comment here, I will also not approve your first one unless I read it first and make sure you are a trusted person and not a spammer!

I do this to stop spammers, and guarantee to give love to only people who deserve it, it’s for our blog readers and regular commentators, they are the ones who will get the benefit from being around more often, it’s not a hit and run! It’s a relationship that has two sides.

Benefits of commenting on other blogs

There is lots of benefits from commenting on other blogs, it’s more than just a back link, DoFollow or what ever, trust me on this because I do lots of comments while blogwalking, I comment here and there, and I have a technique for for doing it also like you, so I am going to share with you and tell you about some important reasons of why I personally interact with other blogs as a blogger and as a reader, and you will know now about 7 reasons why I comment on YOUR blog!

Why I personally comment on YOUR blog?

1- Add a value to the original post

I some times find a post that need something, or missed a point, probably it would be the best thing I do if I added some more information related to the topic and server the writer of that post! I mean what not help others?!

2- Ask a question or give feedback

Probably I would prefer if someone is asking a question on a post or giving his feedback, I love that and I am ready to answer all your questions if I have a good answer, and in case I don’t have the right answer I will simply tell you that I don’t know, I am not shy of that! I am not shy of the truth! so.. add your question if you have one, just make sure it’s related to the topic, I give high priority for questions!

And I am always asking questions when I really.. really need to find information about something and from the other side it’s good for the post it self to get an answer for my question attached to it!

3- Start a comment conversation?

If I really like your post, and you have something unique like an idea, and you know what you are talking about, I will not even think before adding my opinion to your post, and I will start a conversation this time, means I will return to see what’s up!

4- To Deliver a promotional message

I can not deny this, I some times do it after publishing an important post and want to spread out the word about it, so I choose some certain CommentLuv enabled blogs to send my message depending on the latest posts on those blogs, and I start commenting on them and add my latests post link because I think blogs owners will like to visit, and probably their readers will like to click on it, usually I promote blog post I comment on by tweet about them!

5- I Comment because You Comment

Just in case you think you are doing me a favor and you are waiting for return, maybe when I have time I will visit and comment back! And if I don’t have anything to say then probably I will try to dig for something interesting on your posts to share on Twitter!

6- I do it because I like your blog and content

I will not only add a comment on your posts, I will promote it, and maybe I will advertise my blog on it!

7- Because I like YOU!

And I have a good online or offline relationship with you, maybe we are friends, or probably we work together to enhance our blogs, and this is why we have so many things in common, so I help you out with all my power!

Are you thinking to add a comment?!

Now you know why I personally interact with other blogs and bloggers, so plz don’t sell your comments for a cheap price!

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