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Stop wondering if Famous Bloggers is Dofollow blog or not, yes it’s a DoFollow blog since a few days back, we decided to let PageRank flows the way it like, but of course we will be watching the bad guys, so don’t think you will take advantage of our blog by your spammy comments unless you really working hard to get it.

We requested today to include our FamousBloggers blog at DoFollow.info which is a project of our friend Kristi and it a very nice DoFollow blog directory that you should be part of. So, if you have a dofollow blog this is another reminder for you to go a head and register your blog hopefully Kristi will approve it.

To get a better blog image

We are using FamousBloggers also became a keywordluv blog, means you will get extra backlinks to your blog while having fun adding comments to our blog, I would like to remind you how we depend on you and try to create content from comments, so keep your comments valuable and helpful for our readers and don’t forget to retweet our posts after commenting on them, we challenge you that your follower will love your tweets.

What DoFollow plugin you are using?

We are using Lucia’s Linky Love plugin which is not supported anymore but I like it’s options, anyways I am open to your suggestions, I need to know which DoFollow plugin should we use, I will switch to the most suggested plugin.

So, plz Go leave a comment and tell me which DoFollow plugin you are using.

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