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Why Google PageRank is worthless and just another Certificate for Decoration


This is is out of my expectations, Google PageRank update is kind of crazy this time, almost all the old domains and blog remain the same, except a few of those I was checking, and the new domains jumped to PR 3 and 4, so… I am sure there is one factor is messing, or link building is not a real strong factor of increasing the PageRank. You will be amazed of my PageRank results.

Now, and after I was believing in Google PageRank, as I always think I should believe of what advertisers believe, because simply they are the ones who paying my expensive at the moment, but now I will have to change my mind about PR, yes I need a nice number and certificate for decoration only!

I started also not to believe the importance of other rankings, it’s all messed up and not reflecting the real results of hard work, and I am going to show!

My expectations for FamousBloggers.net is to get a pr of 4 or 5, but what happened is that it’s rank remains as it was, it’s still 3 with no changes for the home page, but so many internal pages got pr of 2 and 3 which is cool!

The really crazy thing happened, and I will tel you why it’s crazy is that my personal blog went from 1 to 3, I have published 3 or 4 posts since the last 6 months, and I have no idea why Google decided PR of 3 for it.

Let me tell you something more crazy about Google PR

Probably you know MMO social network and bookmark site, that was PR 0 as it’s still new, that 3 months old site got a PR of 4, WOW!

Another crazy thing about Google PageRank

I still don’t believe that my one month old designs social bookmark site DesignGizer.com got a PR or 4, and my 2 weeks old new design blog DesignGizer.net that no body knows about it and never visited it before went to PR2 🙂  Thank you Google!

So, in a way or another, I think I have sacrificed FamousBloggers.net Rank, and give it to other blogs, I used to believe of Google Page Rank, but not this time, I don’t want to say that, but Google PR is bulls**t.

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