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Selling Link Building Services by Guest Blogging Abuse

Guest Blogging Abuse

There is a new wave in the guest blogging atmosphere these days, I really feel pity for every blogger who want to publish a guest post at FamousBloggers.net just to get paid for it, and while they should promote themselves the right way, they are just not doing it, they forgot the concepts, they actually don’t care for that. They want to sell cheap link building service and promote businesses in order to reap what ever money they can!

They ask for linking back to these businesses, they are making deals and get paid for writing posts and publish them on several blogs while selling link building services, and for whom? For another person? Company?! Or whatever?!

Earn $20 Dollars Today

They forgot the core of guest blogging for other blogs as a free powerful self promotional tool, they forgot the importance of personal branding, they are earning $10 or $20 today and they are losing themselves as bloggers who could make it and grow their own blogging business! THIS IS NOT BLOGGING! this is link building by guest blogging abuse!

They are actually selling our blogs and our hard work for a cheap price!

Who you are Convincing?

I have came across this issue so many times recently as FamousBloggers’s audiences are growing, and probably some bloggers just want to jump in and party with us, I have rejected 10s of posts and articles from those bloggers during the last a few months, and I am keeping telling them that this blog FamousBloggers.net is a place to promote bloggers NOT companies, businesses or services, and it’s driving me crazy everyday when I recive an email from someone who wants to sell link building services through our blog, I can say that this makes me feel upset with those guest bloggers, and I will tell you why! And I will also tell you why I am pissed off!

Here is the main 5 things that really piss me off!

Yes! You are not doing good! Do you think that $20 worth your hard work and TIME?

I was thinking like you when I first started blogging, I accepted low payments to help myself to pay the rent and my life expense, but I discovered that I was doing wrong by wasting my time and effort, and while I can earn more from blogging, I don’t need the $20 reviews, I made a decision, and I stopped doing the cheap work, or at least I decided to do the right way through my own blogs. I want to value myself as a human, But… when it’s about FamousBloggers.net, I must say NO, I will NEVER do this on FmaousBloggers.net, this blog is something else!

When I started blogging I made money after 3 months or so, I was writing reviews and promoting businesses and services, but at least I was doing it on my OWN blog! A blog that I own and I am working on it and paying to host it, so.. I was not taking advantage of anyone’s blog to make money, I was NOT using anyone to make money, I was not abusing anyone to make money!

So, this is why I feel YOU are abusing me, when you submit a post to promote businesses which is not even yours, and try to sell your link building services through my blog!

While I got paid $150 to review a service or a product that I must try or like before writing about it as I mention in our advertising page, and while I got paid $100 for writing a sponsor post, YOU show up and you want to publish your post and promote a business or sell your link building services? And for how much? $10 or $20? What should I call that?! Answer me!

Even after I replied to your email and told you about my take on that, and opened my heart to you trying to help you to be a better blogger, you didn’t get it, you still want to get the $20 at any cost, you are just targeting the $20, you don’t respect me, you still trying to make the deal! What else you want me to do?! Open my blog for FREE to anyone who is passing over?!

You think it’s easy to make money online, yeah.. why not?! Just set down and write what ever 15 minutes article, and publish it on whatever blog, and link to whatever website you want! Probably you don’t own a blog, so how come you want to earn money from blogging?! Just tell me!

The only Sign of Life I can see on Blogs

We all know how important and valuable comments are to any blog or site, it’s the only sign of life I can see on blogs, it tells me that this blog is a live!

in addition to the above points, one of the most annoying attitude of guest bloggers is to submit articles on blogs, and once it’s published they never show up again to reply to a single comment or answer any of the questions from those who need help, so I had to jump personally to take care of some questions here and there because the lazy bloggers didn’t show up again! They just wanted to promote themselves but unfortunately they did it the wrong way!

Who like to have a dead lonely blog? It’s absolutely the end of road!

Why this is happening?

I ask every guest blogger here at FamousBloggers.net to edit their profile Bio and add a link or two to their own blog/site, NOT a link to a company, I ask them to use Gravatar.com to upload a personal image, NOT a company logo! I spend hours everyday developing this blog, solving problems, building connection and relationships, doing heavy promotion through social media, bookmarking articles and much more than you can imagine!

We are working so hard to bring opportunities for our bloggers on a golden plate, and help them to make money from blogging with us, we have organized the biggest Cash Blogging Contest in the history of blogging as an opportunity for you to make money from blogging in a nice healthy competition that gives exposure to everybody in the circle, we are inventing new money making opportunities for our bloggers and sharing all these ideas with them so we can learn together and earn together, we will have 20 WINNERS and the minimum cash prize is going to be $100. Have you realized now how big it is your chances to make money with us?

Do you feel the POWER?.. FamousBloggers.net have a good followers, traffic, and highlight authors by giving the best visibility ever to their Bio, the author box used to be at the bottom of the article, now after I moved it to the top and added author box to author page, it’s actually effecting the quality of links in the Bio, all this gives more power to our bloggers, and this the reason why others wants to jump in this party and have fun!

Plz Help me and Try to Understand This:

FamousBlogger.net is made for promoting bloggers, those who really appreciate the work we are doing here, those who are working hard trying to find their own way, those who are serious about blogging and making money online.

We try to help them because we believe we can do something by working as a team, at least we can give a nice push to your brand new blog, or introduce you to an active community and amazing bloggers to communicate with, we try to guide them to the right way by giving an honest advice all the time!

Here is the Deal

For those who are earning from setting links (selling link building services) inside the guest posts or in their profile Bio, I will have to deal with them as advertisers, link builders or marketers, and I will consider their articles as blog reviews, I will not accept this to be done for free, so plz don’t register to the blog and submit your article without shaking your wallet, I will charge an amount of $100 to get their articles published on FamousBloggers.net, and it’s not going to be whatever article, you have to promote something that we think it’s good and worth for our readers, and start a conversation with them in the comments!

Want to say something? I am all ears!

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