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How Many Times I have to Repeat This?

How Many Times

A few Guest Bloggers do it the right way, not all of them fully understand that posting the same article to their own blogs is going to hurt their rankings, I really want to know why you bother yourself writing an excellent article, submit it to another blog, and after it’s approved and published you re-publish it again on your own blog! you never promote the original article, you even didn’t show on the comments to reply to people who commented on your post.

This is happening all the time, and I believe that some bloggers still don’t get it right, they don’t know how to guest blog and how to get the most of guest blogging for another blog, I don’t know if they forget or didn’t read the guidelines of the blog they are posting to, maybe they forgot, maybe they don’t care! I really don’t know!

Before Guest Posting on any Blog, PLZ… Think!

Get it Right!

If you don’t know what is guest blogging and you want to get it right, then I think you should know What Guest Blogging Is NOT and try Getting It Right, you know yourself, I am actually not mad or anything, I just want to help you out, we need to work together to enhance our blogging community!

I really want to hear your opinions about this matter that bother me sometimes, so plz, give me an answer to this questions:

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