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The Art of Organizing a Successful Guest Blogging Contest

FamousBloggers ComLuv contest

Organizing successful guest blogging contests became a habit for us on FamousBloggers as one of our blogging goals is to create a healthy environment for bloggers and help them to make money from the internet, we are talking here about real cash money, so let me tell you about our exciting news and how FamousBloggers and The ComLuv Network united and working now together to change the concept of sponsoring online blogging contests and to bring to you the best blogging contest ever to our growing blogging community.

Why It’s Completely Different than any other Contest?

Probably you know about our latest successful blogging contest, and maybe you came across this post wrote and the poll I created last week when I asked our readers and bloggers about the best blogging contest prize they prefer and like to win from such blogging contests, and I have received some nice feedback and votes, I would like to thank everyone who added his vote and comment to the poll post.

Basically I didn’t put prize amount or how much it worth, that was to get the most honest feedback and votes on the poll! We have got 49 votes and most of the voters preferred the cash prizes than anything else!

I must admit that it was a smart decision because simply money can buy all other prizes (suppose you will win money enough to buy an e-book, theme, logo design or any other service), so.. I actually don’t understand why other people voted for other non-cash prizes and ignored the cash, it’s kind of weird and funny at the same time 🙂

But anyways, this is the main difference between our contest and any other contests running now on the blogosphere, we asked our bloggers what they want, and while they were voting, we was working hard to bring it to them, and this is how we organize it!

Contest Organizers

Andy of  The ComLuv Network and CommentLuv plugin, Gail the Social Media Marketing Strategist and me, the three of us were planning and organizing together the biggest blogging contest ever, we have discussed this a lot in our emails last week while we are choosing the best way to organize our contest and make it unforgettable!

Check out our Great Sponsors and $2900 Cash Prizes

I would like to thank everyone who sponsored this contest for being so kind to respond to us from the first call, that was really impressing and show how much they care for the community.


Main sponsor The ComLuv Network
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– Andy Bailey’s personal fiddyp blog
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– Andrew Rondeau Ltd ~ Blogging Guide
– Marc Duquette ~ Scribnia Blogging Community
– The Happy Guy Marketing ~ professional SEO consultant
– The Online Recruiters Directory ~ Executive search firms
– Monster Auto ~ Auto Monster Cars Blog
– Bill – ANS Gear ~ Paintball Guns & Gear
– Cori Padgett- Big Girl Branding ~ Entrepreneur Business
– NowRelevant.com ~ Best new search engine
– The Internet Time Machine ~ Niche marketing software

$50 Sponsors

– DennisEdell ~ Direct Sales Marketing Coach
– Ditesco ~ Home Based Business Resources
– Firas ~ WP Worx – WordPress Services
– Kiesha ~ Blogging tips & tricks to help you blog better
– Melinda ~ Simple Home Organization
– Dan Keller – TycoonBlogger ~ Promote Your Blog
– ProjectCenter ~ Club Flyers
– PPI Claims ~ PPI Claims
– Free Gifts ~ Free Gifts
– Zoomit Canada ~ Social Bookmarking just for Canada
– Fence Houston ~ Houston fence contractor
– Fence Philadelphia ~ Philadelphia fence company
– Location Villa Espagne ~ Location Villa Costa Brava
– Lube Oil Sales ~ Buy Amsoil Motor Oil
– Olympic EyeWear ~ Designer sunglasses
– Miss Wise Law ~ Law & Legal Information

Want to sponsor our contest?

Contact us right a way and let’s have a little chat, we are open for sponsors till the end of the contest, remember… The more early you are the more links you will get.

It’s the Freedom to Choose!

It’s the choice of our community, and because we not gaming or playing, we are not blogging just to blog, no… no my friends, read our about page about and you will know that we are so serious about making money online, and because we want everybody in our community to make money with us, we have collected a big amount of cash prizes for our coming contest winners! YES.. it’s true.. We want you to win the cash prize you asked for, so you can buy what you need and want!

Why Cash money is the best Prize?

Simply because money can buy any other thing you need, even if it’s not for your blog or blogging proposes, I know a lot of bloggers who don’t need a new of fancy blog theme, they don’t need a $200 logo design, really.. they don’t need anything from that, they just need to pay the rent, they need to pay their life expenses, maybe buy something for their kids, or maybe they are not married yet and want to save some money, I think now you got the point!

When the contest starts?

Basically, we will start accepting articles on the 7th of June 2010, and we will keep it open for one month, it will be so close to our last guest blogging contest, you can learn more about the contest by reading the FamousBloggers ComLuv contest post on ComLuv.com, I will be updating you soon, so get ready and prepare yourself and time for this awesome coming contest, and let’s meet in a few days from now.

What if you didn’t win?

With us you will never lose because we are all winners. If you don’t win the cash prize, you will win the exposure and increase your blog readership, you will certainly enhance your blogging experience and skills, I am so sure you will learn something new from this experiment, and at least you will win our hearts and friendship!

Have a question about the contest? Ask me in the comments.

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