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Something amazing happened yesterday, I can see my dream on the way to be true and I can see that our blog is heading right to the top of the Blogosphere.

Kristi of the Art of Blogging contacted me by email yesterday and she was having a high level of great news, she wanted to congratulate all our Blog Team for been listed on the top 100 small business on Technorati and right now we are the blog number six on the list, and guys this is really awesome, and it’s a great award for our team’s hard work.

Actually I was watching Technorati’s traffic through our dashboard but I didn’t notice that we are listed on the top 100 blogs.

This is so exciting, specially after only 5 months from starting our blog, we are competing with the greatest on Technorati directories.

What happened latter was more exciting, because at the end of the day I found out that we are listed again as one of the Top 100 business on Technorati, I was really… really excited of the good results, our blog is growing and competing with top sites on the blogosphere, and this is exactly what I was planning since the day one we started this blog, and I was talking about it over and over because this blog made to be on the top from it’s name.

I am so excited that I had to stop and check what I wrote again, because I went very far from the post topic lol, so I am actually deleting some part of the post now and writing it again 🙂

OK, here we go, let’s talk about Technorati authority, and check how Technorati measure it and rank sites, maybe you know that they changed their ranking method recently after rebuilding Technorati new version.

How Technorati calculate authority?

I knew now how it works after reading the Technorati Authority FAQ page, your site will be listed topically by content category, and the most important factor of getting authority is linkbacks to your blog and how relevant these links are, and how your website’s influence within its subject category, you may read Technorati Authority FAQ page to get the whole idea and better understanding what authority means, but the most important thing for you to do now is to check the listing of your site and set categories to the most relevant to your content. Note that you also can be listed on top of more than one category at the same time like exactly what happened with this blog.

What about Alexa rank?

You may notice that our rank on Alexa is also increasing, and in this occasion I will take the chance to ask you to write a simple short review for our blog on Alexa and contact me with a link to you site and I will personally review yours, this help a lot to increase Alexa rank and all what it takes is a few minutes!

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