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Should I Shave my Head like Chris Brogan and Seth Godin?

Famous Bloggers rank on Advertising Age Power150

Another exciting thing happened today while I was checking my WordPress stats, I found FamousBloggers ranked #41 on a daily ranking of marketing blogs called Advertising Age’s Power 150, I have visited this site the first time after I sow the badge on Chris Brogan‘s blog which is #1 on the list, I knew that time that Ad Age’s Power 150 grabs your blog data and calculate your rank, so I said to myself why not submitting my blog?!

Basically, whenever I came across some nice sites that measure ranking or a directory I don’t hesitate to register the blog, it doesn’t really take too much time to register and adding the blog info, then you can simply forget about it and wait until you hear good news then you can update your advertising page and add a nice badge to it showing the live ranks of your blog to advertisers.

Chris Brogan before & After

I did a fast search on Chris Brogan’s blog to see what he say about, and I find this so funny when @chrisbrogan said to a few people that if he got to #1 on the Advertising Age Power150, he’d shave his head in tribute to Seth Godin @ThisIsSethsBlog which is ranked #4 now according to Ad Age Power 150, and latter a technological glitch hit him and he actually he had to keep his word 😉

I am not sure what exactly I will do if I got ranked #1 I probably will not shave my head because there is nothing too much to shave 😉 so you tell me lol!

I am so Excited to be in a Good Company

Yes, I am… and I know it’s not so hard to reach the top, but the most hardest thing is to stay there, some people will say ranking is not important, but for me it’s so important to get ranked higher and show the world that we are ranked by important sites and in a good company all the time, and the amazing this is we compete with some big names, I know it doesn’t make sense to some, but it makes a lot of sense to me because I am not  a lazy blogger, I don’t get enough rest, I don’t sleep the same hours like the book said, I work while YOU are sleeping hopefully the next coming 6 month will witness a big move for FamousBloggers.net, and this will not benefit me or our blogging team only, but will beginning all our blogging community, and if you know me well… you will know that I don’t like to play alone!

What’s the Advertising Age Power 150 requirements?

The minimum requirements for addition to the Power 150 are not high, but here are the basics:

I got this from their FAQ page, so… make sure to read it first before you submit your blog!

Thank you Chris

This is a special thank for Chris Brogan because after seeing the Advertising Age Power150 badge on your blog, I got my blog listed!

Want to have your blog considered for the Advertising Age Power150? Maybe you meed the requirements, it’s not that hard, so… why don’t you submit your blog now?!

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