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Blogging is not a Single Player Game, Why you still Competing with Me?

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Making Money Online and related niches has a very high competition on the internet, and still there are so many blogs created everyday by newbies.

I am going to ask you a few questions as you might be a blogger friend, blog reader or visitor, and if you got an answer I will be glad to hear it. Also I am going to ask myself a few questions and try to answer them because maybe you are wondering! So this post is to give some information that I really want our readers and visitors to know about.

Remember when I invited you to work together?

Before you read this, I want you to know that I don’t mean a specific person or a blogger.

I -with all respect- mean everyone received my open invitation to join our Famous Bloggers Team and didn’t respond. I mean everyone who read this post and don’t learn something about cooperation from it, of course if you are new to our blog community then you probably don’t know about this, so smile 🙂 now you are going to know!

I started to do interviews with bloggers to get to know them better while working on Famous Bloggers project, I have created the FBC (Famous-Bloggers-Club), I invited 100 active bloggers to work together, I meet with great bloggers who joined the club!

Time goes, and I created FamousBloggers.net blog 5 months ago and connected it with some other related projects, accounts, pages and services to help me growing the community and the blog rank and serve our FBC club like:

So, when I first invited my friends bloggers to join me on this journey more than 5 months back, I wanted to unite our efforts because I was setting a big goal, it’s a long term blogging goal, and I knew that I will move to another country and probably it’s going hard for me to get a fast decent full time job, so I decided to involve myself more in blogging and became a full time blogger, I was not kidding, I was not thinking to abuse anyone, I never asked anyone to work on my blog and forget about his/her blog, I just asked you to add your blogging power to mine!

Blogging is not a Single Player Game

My idea was very simple, and this is the first time I write about it, it’s simple as “Creating one strong blog that can compete and reach the top”, and then we can use it to serve all our blogging goals, community, readers, costumers, ranks, traffic… etc.

I believe that it’s not easy to work alone in a very high competitive atmosphere, so… if everyone start to work alone and compete with others in the same community we will be doing a very big mistake!

Some of my friends I contacted earlier when I started this blog, they didn’t have enough time to join me, most of them were busy with their blogs, offline life and some other stuff, and I completely understand why they couldn’t be part of our team, so no problem with that!

But, when I think about other who are competing each other while they can cooperate, I just feel they are taking the wrong path, some of you will think it’s better for them to work on their own blogs and concentrate on their own goals, but to where you think they are taking their blogs with out cooperation and uniting with others?

Are you a Blogger Team Player?

If you check our about Famous Bloggers page, you will find out who are the members of our team, those who worked so hard to give credits to this project, so there no words can reward them back for this great work.

Of course not all them are active recently, probably for personal reasons or they are busy with their own blogs, so… no worries, I give always excuses to our team but not for ever!

So, at the end of this month I will be updating you with some new members on the team, as I am doing some communications with a few awesome and very active bloggers who want to join us, and I am sure you are going to love their work.

Can I join Famous Bloggers Team?

Why not? If you have the welling to join us and be an active member of our team, we don’t mind at all, drop me an email and let’s talk about it, and don’t worry we don’t bite 🙂

What is the future of FamousBloggers blog?

Thinking about the future of Famous Bloggers blog is not easy at this level, to be honest planning the future of this blog, is going to be more harder than before as I want to find the best deal for it, so the coming six months is going to be hot!

The work now should be more harder than ever, because we are competing for real this time with top niche sites, and I need great help, ideas and feedback from all my friends, and supporters more than ever, and I will try my best to respond to you.

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