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How Internet Connection Provider Can Hurt your Online Business

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I am blogging to the world right now through my T-mobil cell phone internet connection, I have a serious problem now with ComCast Speed internet connection. My internet connection is not stable and driving me crazy while trying to get some work done, and being with no proper access to the internet I am having the most annoying feeling as a serious blogger who makes money from the internet!

When I first started FamousBloggers.net I thought to have a backup plan for every possible problem, one of these backups was to get two different internet connections, so if I have a problem with my main connection, I will not have to be under the mercy of any internet company, I don’t like to be in this situation, looking dumb and waiting for my internet to work again so I can proceed my daily blogging tasks!

I was actually discussing this with my wife earlier while planning my business as I always love to hear her opinion, she is my best friend before became a life partner, so I told her that I think having a backup internet connection might be something I will need, and probably I can do that by connecting my cell phone, and because she understand and believe that I am planing to go BIG with my internet business and I am taking blogging seriously as a business, she agreed with me and I am so lucky to have this backup plan because it was really smart decision!

I finally succeeded today to connect my Qosmio laptop to my Nokia 5800 XpressMusic cell phone after downloading the new Nokia PC Suite application which support Windows 7, this took me about one hour to download the application from my other laptop and then install it and get everything back to work with my cell phone, it’s kind of slow connection but it’s enough to do the work. But I am still upset with ComCast customer care service, and I will tell you why!

Women in the ComCast Customer Care (with respect)

I hate to say this, but some time we have to say what we don’t like. So.. This is what happened with me and I am going to share with you, and you tell me if I am wrong or Not!

My internet connecting is not stable for the last two weeks, I called Comcast service and a guy answer me and set and appointment, the troubleshooting guy visited me and changed the whole main cable and modem to a new one, the problem seemed to be solved, but after two days I got the same problem again, my internet is disconnecting and contenting back almost every 15 minutes, so I called them again and a lady answered me this time!

I know that women are nice and everything, but some times.. They are…

I explained to her the problem and after that we was discussing about the appointment, she told me that the available visit time is on Wednesday, and that means after two days from the day I was talking to her, also that means I will have the problem for extra 2 days which is not good at all, so I explain to her that my work depends on my connection and I can not wait for two days more, so the lady was cutting the conversion like “Sr. I am telling you that this is the available appointment”, she was like.. take it or leave it!!!

Usually when someone talks to me in a bad way once I will forgive, so I told her OK! I will have to wait then, and we confirmed the appointment! But I was not feeling good by the way she answered me!

I Got NO visit on Wednesday!!

I can NOT believe till now that no body showed on Wednesday from ComCast, and I am still suffering from the same problem till the moment of writing this post, no body even called me to set another date or say sorry!

I called again Today hopefully to get someone to fix this annoying problem, I put in mind if a Woman answered me and talked to me in a bad way again, then I will have to change my tone and tell her that that I don’t want to to talk to any Woman at ComCast customer care anymore because they don’t care! I will ask to connect me with a guy.. a man who can understand me and my needs, a man who respect clients!

This is just a general speak, from my experience with women in customer services -not all of them- they give themselves the right to say whatever to the client or talk in a bad tone like “You are stupid client, and you don’t understand!”.

Anyways, the woman who answered my call was nice enough to hear me, she actually was embarrassed because no body came to fix my internet problem. When we came to the exciting part of setting an appointment for the tech visit I was expecting she will set a visit by tomorrow! But she said on Tuesday! Can you believe that?!

I told her “This is impossible!, I will not wait for three days, you have to send someone today or maximum tomorrow, and after that appointment if my internet connection is not working I will go for another company, I am paying for the 16G to get the highest connection in the area, I pay $76 per month, and I can not believe that I am having problems! I will even NOT pay anything this month if my problem is not solved!”, so she set the appointment to tomorrow after she got the message, I am really upset with ComCast service and I am so serious about moving to another company if this problem is not solved tomorrow!

Yes.. Believe it or not.. I pay more than $100 for the internet!

Probably you know now why I am upset with this issue, and yes.. I am paying more than $100 every month just to connect to the internet, I pay 76$ to ComCast and another $25 -without taxes- to T-mobile to connect my cell phone to be able to check my important emails or reply to someone on the go, and it’s my backup plan to star connected to the internet all the time with no problems.

I do this because my online business is so important to me, I am actually earning from the internet, and I can not have a problem to connect to the internet if even for a few hours, not a whole One day!

I do this so I can serve this blog and our blogging community, I do it because I have to keep blogging and keep all bloggers satisfied by publishing their guest posts on time.

So, this is why it’s so annoying, I believe that I should get a Super service and respect because I pay every month on time for the best service!

Bloggers & Internet Connection

After two weeks of having a bad connection and contacting with ComCast customer service three times trying to fix the problem, I am going to ask YOU for an opinion… so.. plz give me an answer to these questions..

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