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Business Plan, Do You Have One?

Business plans

Where should I start? Well… It’s been a while back since I wrote a post titled Famous Bloggers Club The Challenge this was my first post here on FamousBloggers, this seems a very long time ago, the blog came a long way with over 7 thousand comments, lots of authors and over two hundred articles, it is fair to say Hesham has risen to the challenge head on credit to him for having such business plan for blogging.

Managing a blog has never been easy especially when you have dreams and the desire to succeed, and of course we are talking here about making money from blogging, and like any business, you must have a business plan for blogging. There are two basics i believe every blogger should have in order to take business to the next level and achieved his/her goals, here are the two must have as I could imagine them:

(1) Business Plan

Yes, we need to have a business plan, there is an old saying “If you failed to plan, then you plan to fail” this is an old quote to which we can implement in our every day lives, having said that, your plan can be broken into smaller areas like the how, when, where and why sounds scary, yes but lets face it:

Make it simple, you are running a business, and having a plan is important to your success. Now lets look at a scenario for a minute, you are working for a company, when pay day arrive, you expect to get paid, right? Well, that’s why the company owner need a business plan to ensure that you get paid on time.

(2) Business Objectives

What are your business objectives?

I bet you haven’t thought about this, lets look at the definition of Business Objectives as defined by Wikipedia…

“Strategic planning is an organization’s process of defining its strategy, or direction, and making decisions on allocating its resources to pursue”

There you have it. I can tell you this from experience not having an Objective for your business is disaster waiting to happen.

In Summary

Starting a blog or any form of business for that matter needs a business plan.

Plan what you are going to do, how you are going to do it, where and set a time to make it happening so you can measure your success. Set out your objectives and review them after a period of time, make the necessary adjustments you need to grow your business, after that the challenge is over!

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