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5 Techniques You Can Use to Take Your Internet Marketing Business to the Next Level in 2012

Well, friends, we are getting to that time of the year when it is time to start thinking about where we want our business to go in the upcoming year.  2012 is just around the corner.  Do you have a plan yet?

The truth is that you can make a difference by setting goals or resolutions (or whatever you want to call them).  But you can’t just set and forget.  You need to have a plan.  If you want to take your internet marketing efforts to the next level start thinking about how you are going to do that now.

These 5 marketing techniques can bring about change and more profit.  Which one(s) will you implement this coming year?

1.  Modernize your approach

It’s almost 2012 for Pete’s sake!  Are you still using outdated techniques or are you trying new things as they come out?  If you want to take your earnings from internet marketing to the next level you need to start implementing some of the new marketing techniques that are available to you.

Don’t try to do everything at once.  Choose something new to learn about and execute every month or two.  Read everything you can about it and think about how it applies to your own business.  Consider twisting it around and making it your own to get even more value from it.

Some of the things you could put into action in your marketing strategy to make it more up-to-date include:

  • Giving your site or blog a more modern look; when was the last time you updated your blog theme?
  • Getting more involved in social networking; make a bigger effort to interact and provide value.
  • Including social media graphics on your site or blog; if people don’t know where to find you they won’t go looking for you!
  • Learning about and applying more current SEO techniques
  • Taking advantage of video marketing
  • Learning how to implement and utilize your subscribers list; remember to provide your subscribers with value!

2.  Get your priorities straight!

All too often we know what we have to do but we don’t prioritize and the end result is that sometimes the most important things don’t get done or are forgotten about.   Learning how to prioritize is crucial if you want to move into the next year with a plan to make more money.

There are many things that can help you increase your business but what are the most important ones? Which ones will have the biggest effect with the least amount of time and/or money investment?  You can make videos that might bring you more traffic or get new customers but if it takes you a week to get that video perfect it might not be the best place to spend your time.  You might be able to increase awareness about your business by hanging out in a niche related forum but how much time will you have to spend there to get one new customer?

These are just a few examples but you should always be prioritizing.  Consider how much time it will take (or how much money) to get one new customer using a particular marketing technique.  Now ask yourself if your time could be better spent on something else.  If the answer is yes, then that something else should be a bigger priority than the first technique.

3. Take it offline

If you never take your marketing efforts offline you could be missing out on some great chances to spread the word about your business. If you are anything like me, you likely jump on the chance to talk about what you do.

As a freelance writer with a passion for social media, people are always asking me what I write or they ask for advice about how to use Facebook or Twitter.  I love talking about it and I love to give advice.  But I can’t do it for free all the time.

This is how I handle it: I keep any conversation about my work to about 5 minutes.  Then I excuse myself from the conversation politely, give them my business card, and say “I’d be happy to give you a free half hour consultation next week.  Give me a call.” They usually give me their own card at that point and if I don’t hear from them after a week or so I call them.

That’s what works for me and my business but as an internet marketer there are many offline marketing techniques you could try:

  • Car magnets
  • Flyers
  • Pens
  • Brochures
  • Buttons
  • Key chains
  • Magnets
  • Stickers

If you have a site that sells health care products create a portable calorie counter and brand it to give away at a drug store.  If you have a site about pets you could let the local pet food store give away a brochure about 10 Things You Need to Know about Your Pet’s Health (or something else relevant).  Think creatively.  Think about where your target market gets their information.  Then be where they are!

The trick to finding the right offline marketing technique is the same as any other marketing method you might use – knowing your target market.  Where do they shop?  What are their hobbies?  What do they read?  What works for me might not work for you because we likely have different markets that we are focusing on.

4.  If you are not outsourcing yet, start now

What has that got to do with marketing?  Well, think about the one thing (or two or three even) that you hate doing.  How often does it get done?  How does it affect your business?  I’m betting that the one thing you hate to do gets postponed long past when it should be done and then it puts you in a panic causing you to spend hours or even days getting caught up!

What would happen if you didn’t have to worry about it anymore?  Well, you’d have more time to devote to the things that you are really good at and the things you like to do.  Imagine what would happen then.  Your marketing efforts would be more effective.  You would make more money!

I love to write and I could (and often do) write all day long but I hate making graphics and making a decent one can take me hours.  But I can outsource it for $5 on Fiverr.com and get a graphic that looks twice as good as the one I tried to make.  So, why would I waste hours on making something that was going to look like it was made by an amateur when I could pay someone else to make it, have a graphic that looks better, and have more time to spend writing?

5.  Develop a new skill

I’m not just talking about reading a couple of blog posts on article marketing or time management or whatever your new skill is.  I’m talking about devoting time to thoroughly mastering a new skill.  Take a course at a local college or invest some money in learning from a professional.  Make a real effort to learn something new.

Then put that new skill into action. You will spend less time trying to find someone to do it the way you want it done.

Some of the skills you might consider learning are:

  • Graphic design
  • Web design
  • Blog design
  • CSS, PHP, HTML, Flash, Java
  • EBook writing
  • Bookkeeping
  • Video editing

Try to pick a new skill that you are interested in rather than a skill you just think will make more money for you.  That way, you’ll be more likely to actually use it in the future.

While you’re learning this new skill, why not turn it into a case study?  Your readers or your email subscribers can learn along with you.  They can see what you are doing, how you are implementing the new skill and what kind of results it is having.  When you share information like this you become more trustworthy and transparent and in the long run, you develop a better relationship with those that follow you.  And of course, you provide more value and THAT is what will bring you results!

Change Leads to More Change

Remember this: if you want to change the amount of money your business makes you need to change the way you market.  Rarely will you find a business that suddenly starts making more money for no reason at all.  There is usually some kind of change behind it – a change in the economy, a change in management, or a change in marketing.  You can’t change things like the economy but you can change the way you market your business.

If you want to make more money in 2012, pick one or two of these marketing techniques to focus on and start planning now. How you will implement it in 2012?  With a good action plan, you can move into 2012 with confidence and be ready for some awesome changes in the amount of money your internet marketing efforts brings in!

I’d love to know what marketing techniques you plan to use to make more money from internet marketing in 2012.  Do you have something spectacular planned?  Share your ideas in the comments.  And if you  liked this post the Tweet, Like, +1, and LinkedIn Share buttons are right below!

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Danielle McGaw is a freelance writer living in small town Canada. She writes, lives, loves, and drinks a lot of coffee with her family who are still her best friends. She blogs about writing and social media at The Social Freelance Writer.


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  • Martin Kane January 14, 2013, 6:29 am

    Hello Danielle,
    You helped me to a great extent. I am new in Internet Marketing business, so I didn’t know many strategies. I was trying to follow traditional policies, however your blog reflects that dynamism is must in any business. And your video sharing is one of the best things I am going to pursue.

  • Trung Nguyen
    May 2, 2012, 3:04 am

    Develop your new skill???? Wow, I really enjoy this point, in fact I’m trying to improve my English and hoping it’ll help me grow my online business
    Trung Nguyen recently posted..How to Start a Blog: 7 Steps to Start a Blog YourselfMy Profile

  • HENRY April 29, 2012, 4:17 pm

    great post!!!, i really enjoyed it excellent website .
    best regards

  • Matt Clarke March 1, 2012, 10:49 am

    I certainly agree with the points on modernizing. I recently did a complete redesign on all 4 of my sites using Elegant Themes (premium WordPress themes). I can see that this site has added their logo in the footer but I don’t recognize the theme. Since I made the changes the traffic to the site has remained constant but the bounce rates have gone right down. This is simply due to a better design, people just want to spend more time there!

  • Deimar
    January 3, 2012, 12:05 pm

    Danielle it was really interesting to read, specially the “6” point (Change Leads to More Change) point which makes me think about Insanity: “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” Albert Einstein.
    Deimar recently posted..You are never too small to be effective – 7 effective tipsMy Profile

  • Steve Wells December 13, 2011, 11:33 am

    Excellent tips, thanks. But the most important in my eyes would be to make a concrete action plan and actually start executing the your plans. I also found it helpful to make notes on a piece of paper that is on my desk (on the PC you have to search for it, or turn it on) when I have an idea (that way you won’t forget them and it also keeps your head clear). But DOING things (consistently) is what really counts. Speaking of outsourcing, odesk com is a great platform.

  • Jon Stone December 12, 2011, 11:03 am

    I’m lucky in that I happen to be married to an artist, so graphics come easily. Still on the hunt for the perfect WP theme to set off my blog though…

    Any suggestions? I personally lean towards a darker preference, but I also don’t know that those come off looking professional in the end.
    Jon Stone recently posted..Just an UpdateMy Profile

    • Danielle McGaw
      December 12, 2011, 4:26 pm

      I’m a big fan of Thesis Jon. I started using it about a year ago and have been hooked. I love the way you can customize it and the Thesis Awesome skins are pretty great. I stayed away from the skins for awhile because I didn’t want to have a blog that looks like anyone else’s but with a couple tweaks I got it to look unique.

      The Fresh Journal Theme is quite nice, too, and it allows for some great customizations to account for your taste.
      Danielle McGaw recently posted..Blog Post Promotion: The Ultimate Guide Plus BONUS E-books ContestMy Profile

  • Jessie B. December 11, 2011, 8:49 pm

    What a great article! I never thought of some of these pointers for my own website. Thanks for the great tips!
    Jessie B. recently posted..Scrapbook How To: Antique Victorian Scrapbook PageMy Profile

  • willie robertson December 11, 2011, 6:34 pm

    Hello Danielle,

    I found your site via Pat Flynn in my FB feed.

    I use some of the offline method’s you mentioned, button’s, auto magnetic’s, sizzle cards, flyers and I I was sending that traffic to another site, I think I will re-direct that domain and traffic to my blog.

    Thanks for the great tips.

    Willie Robertson
    willie robertson recently posted..Gold At Your FingertipsMy Profile

    • Danielle McGaw
      December 11, 2011, 7:55 pm

      Redirects can be very useful in situations like this. That’s a great idea. 🙂

      Glad you enjoyed the tips.
      Danielle McGaw recently posted..Blog Post Promotion: The Ultimate Guide Plus BONUS E-books ContestMy Profile

    • Lisa December 11, 2011, 10:28 pm

      Willie: completely random side note but if you send fliers and postcards via direct mail, don’t send the dinky ones. Pop for the 6×9 or larger versions. With almost 20 years of experience under my belt, I can assure you the big ones get a better response!
      Ok – off direct mail soap box 😉
      Lisa recently posted..The Great Keyword Search: Part OneMy Profile

      • Willie Robertson December 12, 2011, 12:28 pm

        Hello Lisa,

        Thanks for the tip and reminder. I remember back in the day before IM, (with the internet, not sure if many people still use mailings nowdays,) but we used to have a saying, (you only have a few seconds to get someone’s attention with your mailing piece before they decide if your mailing peice hits the junk mail pile,) many people sort their mail standing over their trash can. So as you said, we have to make sure our mailings stand out from the crowd.

        Thanks for sharing.
        Willie Robertson recently posted..Gold At Your FingertipsMy Profile

        • Lisa December 12, 2011, 12:43 pm

          Trash can – I know I do! And, I know many, Many, MANY small business owners that still utilize direct mail. I try to drag them kicking and screaming into the next century. 😉
          Lisa recently posted..Backlinking: After The PostMy Profile

  • Carey_PA December 11, 2011, 6:10 pm

    Great article. PErfect timing as I will be working on a business plan for my ATM business blueprint course and website. Thx!
    Carey_PA recently posted..Why Passive Income Streams?My Profile

    • Danielle McGaw
      December 11, 2011, 7:47 pm

      I’ve heard about ATM Business Blueprint! How are you liking it so far? It is something that I have considered buying.

      and I’m glad to hear that you found the post useful!
      Danielle McGaw recently posted..Blog Post Promotion: The Ultimate Guide Plus BONUS E-books ContestMy Profile

      • Carey_PA December 11, 2011, 8:31 pm


        I have to tell you that I am a lil biased when it comes to the ATM Business Blueprint course because I wrote it 😉 So, not only do I know that it works for a fact (that’s how I run my ATM business lol) but I happen to think that it’s the best educational/training material out there that shows folks how to start and grow an ATM business that provides them with a lifetime of passive income.

        Well…..you did ask? Right? 🙂 Btw, I’m glad that you heard about it…..makes me smile.
        Carey_PA recently posted..Why Passive Income Streams?My Profile

  • Christina December 11, 2011, 5:28 pm

    Great ideas!

    The new year’s rapidly approaching (Yikes!), and one of my resolutions is to start marketing my writing services a LOT more if I want more clients.

    I have been looking into web design lately too, to start my own sites and as a possible freelance opportunity.

  • hezi December 11, 2011, 2:15 pm

    Thanks Daniele

    Well , I have learned too much strategies , so my strategie will be :
    Pick one and be consistent on that one !
    hezi recently posted..ZeekRewards Proof Of EarningsMy Profile

  • Christine December 11, 2011, 11:20 am

    The information you provided is very valuable for anyone looking to market their services or their business. These are definitely tips I will use in the upcoming year.

  • Connie December 11, 2011, 10:57 am

    Great tips for increasing income in 2012! Nos. 2, 3 and 5 are definitely on my to-do list for the coming new year. I need to be more proactive in social media marketing as well.

  • Rizwan Sultan
    December 11, 2011, 10:02 am

    Great tips for 2012 internet market strategy.I am going to setup another blog and the 2012 internet marketing strategy help me.
    Rizwan Sultan recently posted..motivation blogMy Profile

  • Sandy Baker December 11, 2011, 8:08 am

    Great post! I certainly need to make some changes in the upcoming year. My goal is to expand the products/services I offer. Great ideas here! Thanks!

  • Catherine December 10, 2011, 6:39 pm

    Hi Danielle,
    This is a great “checklist” post and reminder for online marketers. I know for me personally I need to do more outsourcing.
    Thanks for the “prod”
    Catherine recently posted..Google Advice On Content for Best HomepagesMy Profile

  • Lisa December 9, 2011, 2:24 am

    I’ve tried fiver and thought it was just ok… any other ideas on where we can outsource smaller projects? Thanks in advance
    Lisa recently posted..The Great Keyword Search: Part OneMy Profile

    • Danielle McGaw
      December 9, 2011, 8:45 pm

      There are other fiverr like places but if you don’t like fiverr you likely won’t like them. You could always go to forums that are for a specific niche. Like at the WAHM.com forum you can find writers and bloggers. Warrior Forum has a job section where you can find graphic designers, writers and the such. And then of course there are the bidding sites like elance and guru.

      Anyone else have suggestions?
      Danielle McGaw recently posted..Blog Post Promotion: The Ultimate Guide Plus BONUS E-books ContestMy Profile

      • Lisa December 10, 2011, 10:30 pm

        Great tips on other sites to use – thanks! I really need to get a list going of all the places I need to check out.
        Lisa recently posted..The Backlink BackstoryMy Profile

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