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Dirty Laundry Facebook

Recently a photo began circulating Facebook that would have you think you are living in a scene from The Stepford Wives. The gist of this little infographic is that you shouldn’t put your dirty laundry on Facebook but rather in the laundry basket in the picture. The point is, you can say anything you want [...]

10 Things You Need to Cease Doing on Social Media post image

Everyone is on social media, which is why you are using it as a marketing strategy for your business. However, some things that you do on social media could hurt your brand more than it helps it. Businesses who have content go viral know what they should and should not do. Therefore, today we are [...]

SaooSaoo Micro Blogging Platform

Today, I came a cross a Facebook post from an Egyptian News website called Masrawy speaking about SaooSaoo, a new Arabic based Micro Blogging Platform (like Twitter) that is designed by Egyptian entrepreneurs a few months ago. The story claims Google to offer $100 Million Dollars for the app. SaooSaoo owners claims that their platform went viral when reached around 9 [...]

TweetChup Analytic Tool

Have you thought before about your Twitter followers? How often they mention you? And, how do they actually interact with your tweets? TweetChup.com is a new cool Twitter analytic tool that takes you beyond your Tweets! I've tried it using our @FamousBloggers Twitter ID, and I am impressed with the quick and easy results, so I [...]

Twitter Engagement

When you are on twitter do you sometimes feel like you are chirping with no one listening? Don’t worry, you are not alone. Everyone is tweeting so quickly it is easy for your tweet to get lost in the stream. However, twitter is a really easy platform to engage with other people. Maybe it is [...]

Twitter Commenctions Infographic

Just for the fun of it, and because I love visuals and infographics (I hope you too do love them), Vizify.com has an awesome social media connections infographic maker that you can use to create infographic on the fly by mapping your connections on Twitter. Vizify graphical bios turn your social media into a personal website all about [...]

Social Network

Recently, I was watching the movie “The Social Network” which is based around the creation of Facebook.  The movie (which I love) focuses on Mark Zuckerberg (played by Jesse Eisenberg) and his efforts setting up what is now the world’s most prolific social media resource.  By recent counts, Facebook has over a billion users globally. [...]

Google Hangouts

For someone who wants to compete with hugely popular and well established apps such as Skype, Facebook's messenger and iMessages, Google didn't do a very good job with Hangouts. I may have praised the app when it released initially but after using it for a week longer I've been forced to change my stance. It [...]

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