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Load Up Your Arsenal with the Right Blogging Bullets

Blogging Bullets

Content, Promotion and Networking are not only the important things in Blogging. There are some hidden characteristics that play a very very important role in achieving a successful blogging career. Are you curious to know what they are ? Just try to guess.

What else do you need ?

You need a lot more than good creativity to create good content, promoting skills and social skills. Let me tell you what they are :-

I’m going to work no matter what – Determination

You need to try until you achieve your goal (short or long term). Determination plays a major role in achieving blogging success. You need determination to write good content, to promote and to network. Determination and Hard work goes together. Blogging is hard work. People who doesn’t have determination to do hard work are unable to succeed in blogging, that’s the reason why many bloggers abandon their blogs.


You have to have patience to succeed. Don’t expect instant results. Many bloggers wait for results and when they don’t get the results instantly, they quit blogging. That’s the reason why we get a lot of abandoned blogs. Have patience, wait for a long time. You will not get instant results unless you are a well known blogger.

Do I love Blogging ? Seriousness

Do you love blogging ? On a scale on 1 to 5, rate how serious you view blogging as ? For me, Blogging is really a serious thing. I started blogging as a hobby. I still love blogging as it is. But now, I am little more serious in that I know what blogging really is ; The importance of creating content and connecting with others. If you are a blogger who doesn’t consider blogging seriously then I would recommend you to quit blogging, close this tab and shut down your computer. (This is only for people who doesn’t consider the blogging as serious – But I do know that you are a serious blogger, that’s the reason why you are here, reading this, right now). Take blogging seriously.

Having a Good Personality

Personality is a thing that everyone has. If you don’t have a good personality, change it. It is hard to change your learned behaviors but you have to change it if its bad. Having a good personality is one of the most important things in achieving blogging success.

Be An Optimistic Blogger

This has to do with having a good personality. Having a good attitude towards blogging will really help you to build a popular blog in your niche. Optimus (Latin) means “good”. From Optimus comes Optimistic which means “having a positive attitude”. You can find a lot of optimistic bloggers nowadays. A great example would be Hesham. Hesham has been able to build a very successful blog in a very short time. His optimistic approach towards blogging has helped him to gain many blogging friends. Optimism will help you to gain new blogging friends, loyal visitors and powerful subscribers. My advise is to have a positive attitude towards blogging. Don’t be depressed if you don’t get expected results. Learn to overcome your weaknesses. Face your challenges !

Being an Helpful Blogger

Help other newbie bloggers. By helping you can:

  1. Increase your reputation and gain
  2. New blogging friends. Optimistic bloggers help

After we all are humans so learn to help our friends. Since Hesham has already written a detailed post on being helpful, I am not going to be descriptive on this case. One more thing : Don’t help other in exchange for a reward (don’t expect rewards). Be a helpful blogger.

Am I blogging for rewards ? Finding your reason for blogging

Why am I blogging ? Finding a good reason to blogging will help you to motivate yourself to blog. It will help you to continue – Keep on blogging. You may make money by blogging. But don’t blog for money. If you do, you will forget yourself, you will start to write less quality articles. (So don’t motivate yourself  to blog for making money).

Avoid these characteristics (list)

Negative Attitudes , Negative Replies, Blogging for money, unhelpful characteristics, rude personality, impatient behavior, Self-deterring determination (depression that can kill your blog) and anything related to this list. I can add many more to this list but most of them are related to these 7 unhealthy traits.

So, Are you loading up the right bullets ?

If not, now you are. Load up these bullets along with content, promotion and networking and aim. Get ready and go ! Kill Your enemy. So, do you have anything more to add ? Any more bullets that might strengthen our Arsenal ?

Photography credits: Jorge Diego

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