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How Guest Blogging Behind The Mask Can Affect your Business

Blogging Behind Mask

Dealing with a lot of Guest Bloggers everyday on this blog is teaching me things about humans -bloggers in particular- I never thought of. Of course each blogger has it’s own life circumstances and situation. So, today I am going to talk a little about Blogging Behind the Mask! And why People tend to hid their real identity and prefer to blog behind a mask and how this could hurt the future of their online business.

Just to make things clear, I am talking here about those who are not using their real names and photos.

Some of my fellow bloggers have told me about their stories, of course this is not something that I would share with anyone to protect their privacy, so I am going to talk without mentioning any names.

Why you Blog Behind The Mask?!

I will give it a try and share a few points that might be a reason for a blogger to hide her real identity, then I would like to hear what you think about it, and share a few stories with us if you have any!

Let’s talk about these examples..

Do you have a full time Job?

Yes! A few bloggers are actually working for big companies, government institutes, and international Banks. They likely hide their real identity not to get caught by their management as they signed a contract that says they can not work for any other company and/or own a private business! So.. you are breaking the law! (How do I trust you?!)

We are trying to learn how to blog and start our online business the right way and be passionate about what we are doing (and you are losing this passion).. We tell a blogger that She/He is -as a person- her own social brand, and you are completely on the wrong page! (Plz tell me why you do that?!)

Have you Started your online business wrong?!

We are trying to earn money from blogging or establishing online business or whatever it is called, we all the time talk about how to increase credibility and maintain integrity, so trust me on this one.. One day your business will incredibly grow, and you will face a big problem!

Let me share a real story happened to a friend of mine!

My friend was trying to build some profitable online business based on social media traffic, he set up a website but he didn’t use his real name, instead he used some character and build all his social profiles on it, I was shocked of the results and the amount of traffic he is getting everyday after only one month of launching his site! (let’s say it’s around 3000 daily visits and 19.000 daily page views). And guess what?! Now he is blaming himself so badly because he didn’t use his real name, he is going to lose credibility if he do so!

I hope you got my point!

Are you afraid to face people?!

Some of us are afraid to face people, they like to be alone in a room with their PC, this probably their nature, I am sure this is a fact. but this really not the best way to do it especially if we talk about leadership and self branding, so go out, and express yourself.. What the heck? Just tell people: This is simply ME!

Are you Cheating? Spammer? Or a  Criminal?

Who the hell you are?

Sometimes I stop writing, and do some fast search to see who else wrote about same topic I am writing to get some extra ideas, I like this blog post by Joshua Dorkin about those who hide their online identity on social media and if it’s good or bad! And for me I will diffenatly say I don’t have any trust in Anonymous Sources! (Do you?)

Are you Building your home on someone else’s land?!

Why you promote your self by the wrong way?! I think Guest posting is not for you, it’s like building your home on someone else’s land!

STOP the Illusion! Just Be Real!

Share with us some real story, tell us why you blog behind The Mask!

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