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You Are Your Own Social Media Brand

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Hi there I’m Brian owner of blog engage and this is my first guest post here at the famous bloggers website. I want to thank Hesham for allowing me to have this great opportunity.

Let’s face it we all make mistakes when we first start into this new world of social media marketing and social networking. The key here is to take note of these mistakes and fix them as we move forward.

Just like a product or service you have to listen to what others are saying about you and fix the issues in which they are facing. When joining social communities it’s so important to keep the same user name and picture everywhere you go. Could you imagine how unsuccessful Nike would be if they didn’t use the same brand image when they created and launched new clothing lines?

So next time you consider creating a new website account with any of the popular social networks think twice about your personal brand and how it’s going to affect you. Trust me when I say using the same picture and user name will make the biggest difference in your brand management.

Things to consider when joining a social community

Try and keep things as consistent as you can. Consistency is one of the things all successful brands have in common. As the title says you are your own social media brand.These are just some personal and small social networking tips I would like to pass on and share with you all.

I remember when I first started building the Blog Engage brand. I signed up on some websites as bbrian017 and other website as blog engage. This was a huge mistake as many people started to get confused to who bbrian017 was and why I was representing blog engage.

This is the main reason I started doing everything online as bbrian017. I’m no longer sending my customers or members mixed communications about who I am or who blog engage is.

You might ask why I decided to use bbrian017 instead of blog engage. I had good reasoning and here are some reasons.

Blog Engage Brand

Blog Engage was going to be a big brand name already. We had over 1000 members about a year ago so I knew if I needed to work on anything it was going to be me and my own brand. Also if and when I decided to sell Blog Engage I would had been left all alone standing by myself. But now people know me by name and respect me for who I am and not what I represent.

Let me know your thoughts on the entire process. Do you like to be consistent? Do you use different user names and pictures? Join us in discussion and give some feedback on the whole idea.



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