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How to Build a Remarkable Personal Brand

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Bloggers are not simply writing blogs, nooo, they’re all personal brands, and that includes YOU ! Just writing great content isn’t enough anymore these days – you’ve got to treat yourself like a brand that’s in the hard game to win.

You are the company, the logo and the service.

Make sure it’s remarkable and kicks-ass – after all, you want your piece of the cake, right ?

Inhale those following tips and boost your own personal brand:

  1. 1- Build an epic mindset. You are going to dominate your part of the web, it’s not a choice, it’s your destiny. Great personal brands have great egos – maybe that’s what makes them great. Always leave the future open – you can (and will) do everything you want with your blog. Love your brand and your blog more than your mother ! If you don’t love your brand, no one else will !
  2. 2- Tweak your design. Most people say design isn’t that important. WRONG ! You don’t have to win any awards, but make sure that your design is really good and that it fits your brand values. I have worked countless hours on mine, and I can tell you, I’m getting messages every week that tell me how cool it is. A personal brand is an overall package, and your design is an important part of it.
  3. 3- Reinvent the way you blog. Great brands stand out – there’s no competition whatsoever ! Standing out means you DO NOT censor yourself, you come with creative ways of writing posts and you invent your own writing style. Deep down in your digital soul, you’re remarkable – sharpen those edges and feed them to your audience !
  4. 4- Face yourself. Well, not only yourself, but also your blog. Too many blogger hide behind their banner and posts, which is simply devastating ! Show us who you are – Use a real pic as your avatar, show some personal pictures on your about page and even better, use video (even one on your about page is sufficient.) If I don’t remember your face when I visit your blog, then you are doing something wrong!
  5. 5- Personalize.You know why it’s called a personal brand? Yep, because it’s PERSONAL. So, treat your brand like your best buddy. Don’t say “we” when you’re just a single person, always speak directly to your readers and openly admit your failures and victories. Make it so personal that your readers think of you as an old childhood friend ! This will establish an emotional connection between you and your audience, and that’s a big GO-GO when it comes to selling your stuff.
  6. 6- Promote your brand. A great brand is nothing without an audience. Your community is your blog’s life blood ! Common advice dictates that you should be everywhere – but that’s totally nuts. Instead, pick your favorite platforms (mine are Twitter and Facebook) and totally DOMINATE them. Use them like you breathe the air – 24/7 !
  7. 7- Rinse and repeat.

Wrap Up

You know it’s hard work, but you also know that it’s ridiculous fun and that you don’t have any other choice ! Becoming a remarkable personal brand will set you worlds apart from your competitors, and maybe, just maybe it will ensure you a throne in the heaven of internet legacy !

How do you treat your personal brand, and what do you do to maximize its impact ??

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