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Does Your Blog Have Personality?

Blog Personality

If you are having difficult time writing for your blog there could be numerous reasons. One reason that may go overlooked, however, is personality. So many times people want to have authority or they only post if they have something very important to offer their readers. While these are important reasons for posting they can also back a blogger into a corner and subdue their personality.

Blogging Personality

By subduing the personality it can make blogging taxing and at times like very unpleasant.

Lack of personality can cause a blogger to continually rethink their post, wonder if it is good enough, and can even cause posting anxiety. I have fallen into the lack of personality within my blog and have found some ways to incorporate your personality without losing professionalism.

  1. Redo your theme and plugins to what really feels like you, not what everyone else is doing
  2. Start being yourself when writing your post, let your own language come out and then proofread.  If you find that your posts are not professional enough or to your liking, tweak it, but only slightly, don’t let your personality die.
  3. Add your own humor, one-liners, slang, whatever you use on a daily basis, once again tweak if necessary
  4. Start your own personal blog.  If you find that you cannot (which I am sure you probably can) incorporate your own personality into your current blog, then start a blog where you can let it all out and just be you, you may find that that blog will be more successful

By adding your own personality into your blog and posts you can take the drudgery out of blogging.  If you find that you enjoy blogging (like most of us) adding personality can make it more fun for you and your readers.

Do you think you blog has your own personality?

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