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A Blogger’s Personality – 3 Personality Traits you Need to Succeed

Blogger's Personality

A Blogger’s Personality – 3 Personality Traits you Need to Succeed Throughout the internet there are an abundance of resources which provide information on blogging.

They all provide the usual content:  guides on installing and tuning wordpress, selection of a webhost, and some brief overview of search engine optimisation.  The majority of readers find these resources because they have heard there is money to be made online through personal websites and blogs.  Everyone who has ever done these courses follows it religiously, usually because of the promise of it meaning you make money – easy money.  But sooner or later you realise that there is something missing.  The magical golden nugget of valuable information which you feel you have missed on your training course.  You’re pulling your hair out wondering what it is.

As with many things in life, the answers to many of our everyday problems are staring us in the face.  The secret, or golden nugget, of blogging success is no different.  In fact, the three personality traits I am about to discuss can be related in many walks of life.  I use them on a daily basis to help with my career.  So what are they?


This is without doubt one of the most important attributes you should have. Without determination, you will find it difficult, if not impossible, to work through the turbulent times of your adventure.  Determination is something that you can teach yourself with plenty of effort – but it’s not easy.  The irony here is you must be determined to be determined. Each and every one of us has determination in us.  If we didn’t we’d sit at home and do literally nothing all day.  We all have hopes and dreams in life.  Some of us want a nice big house with a cool car, some of us want a family and financial security.  Regardless, the only thing that ever really holds us back is our own determination.  You hear excuses all the time – “I can’t afford that”, etc etc – But the reality is, if you are truly determined to do something, you find a way to do it


Anyone I have ever met who has had any form of success has an addictive form of personality. They are friendly, sociable people, who know how to network.  This is a core fundamental to success – as great as being knowledgible is important, part of the formula is made up of WHO you know.

You can get to know anyone with the right contacts.  But the important way to get those contacts is to network.  This is made easy by being an approachable person.  Say for example, you are at a conference, and you want to introduce yourself to one of the speakers.  You are not going to do yourself any favours by saying – I don’t agree with that point you made.  Something as sharp as that isn’t going to get you anywhere.  I’ve found situations like this are often best approached with a calm persona.  State you have a query about something they discussed, and suggest discussing it further somewhere more private.

This first contact is very important, so it is key that you get it right.


The final personality trait – passion is not necessarily going to guarantee you succeed, however it makes life a lot easier for you. You can challenge yourself to do anything, you want.  Even subjects you’re not interested in.

I’m not a big fan of history, for example – being more of an engineer myself.  But I’m intrigued by it, and know that because I am passionate about succeeding at anything I put my mind to, I could go places – but it will be difficult, because it’s not a natural interest.  On the other hand, I love making websites (coding). I find it relaxing because I don’t have to think much about it.  If I sought out a project to undertake doing this, my passion is much more likely to carry me through the tough times, because I’ve a natural interest.

Do you have these traits in your personality?

When you have been embarking upon your adventures, have you found yourself recognising these traits in yourself?

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