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Blogging is Hard Work! It Really is!

Hard Work

Blogging is hard work! It really is! Creating content, any content just for the sake of creating content just won’t cut it anymore! Every blog post out there need to be Good content otherwise what is the point! I have learned a lot over the years while cutting my teeth as a blogger and 1 thing I have learned is that good content can spread virally and make your blog a success!

Social Media, SEO and Keywords are of course important to every blog post. But in my opinion the meat and two veg to the success of your blog lies within the hands of your audience! If your reader loves your content then nothing will stop them spreading your content with others and sending it rocketing virally into the amazing world we call the World Wide Web!

In my second guest post for Famous Bloggers I wish to share with you 9 tips I have gleaned while on my journey to become a successful blogger! I hope you enjoy and learn something new!

1. Passion!

This should be perfectly obvious, every blogger need passion about their chosen niche! If you have no passion about something then it will show in your writing and kill your content! Not only will you not enjoy the experience but your audience will not share it with others! In fact it could have the reverse effect and your readers can tell others not to go to your blog! Try and write something creative that your audience will love and share!

2. Everything changes!

Nothing stands still for long on the World Wide Web! New Topics and Trends are springing up all the time, new ways of doing things come and go!  So you need to be up there with the latest trends! Write about things that are current, new and upcoming! Writing about something from last year is no good as it does not interest your audience anymore. Visit forums related to your topic for the latest trends to see what people are talking about! Which leads me onto…

3. Do your research!

And be knowledgeable! When you decide to write on a certain topic or subject, spend time researching it. Knowledge is the key to writing good content! Wikipedia, Google, Ezine articles are always a good place to start! If you are not knowledgeable on what you are writing then it will show in your post! Your audience is smart enough to see that you have not done your research and will stop reading your post and not share!

4. Quality not Quantity!

Less is more as some people may also say! Never take short cuts on the quality of your post! I can go weeks without writing a post, but every time I do write one I always take my time and make it attention grabbing! I would rather have 1 post of quality content then rushing out 10 posts of dubious content! The quality of your post determines if your reader will stick to the very end of your post as well as deciding to share with others!

5. Catchy headline!

You want to grab your audience attention with a catchy headline! As well as tell them what the post is about! The content “Above the Fold” should be catchy as well to bring your audience in to read more!

6. Relevant Content!

Try not to go off on wild tangents as this can send you into procrastination and you will lose all hope in completing your post! Focus like a laser beam and stick to the subject in hand! Focus on how the post can be useful for your reader, try and help them out by providing tips or tricks about your subject matter! Make it about them and not so much about yourself!

7. Simple and short!

Not all your audience have degrees from Oxford or MIT.  Try and keep your post as simple as possible so a wider audience can understand and appreciate it! You don’t want them to check the dictionary every five minutes! Long paragraphs can make your audience lose interest as well as make your post look to long and ugly!

8. Professional!

Your post should display how much of a professional writer and blogger you are! The more professional your post looks the more respect and trust you will earn! And it will become more likely that your content will go viral around the globe! Always check your post for spelling and grammar mistakes as silly mistakes will make you look unprofessional! Get another pair of eyes that you trust to proof read your post before publishing as this will help you find things you may have missed!

9. Enjoy!

Above all blogging should be an enjoyable experience both for the reader and you the writer! If you do not enjoy writing a blog post then your audience will not enjoy reading it! Go now, Have fun and start your own blog today!

Well this is the end of my post dear reader! Have I missed something out here or do you wish for me to expand on a point above? On a totally different subject I would like to thank the Famous bloggers team for letting me publish this post on his blog for you all to see and hope to write more content for you guys! Discuss?

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