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8 Ways to Get Inspiration as a Blogger

Blog Inspiration

The biggest pitfall to blogging is to allow yourself to become “a bore”. In other words you basically have nothing to say, but if you are anything like me I tend to sometimes become a lazy blogger.

I really don’t get off my butt and go looking for great stuff to blog about. Then I get ticked off with myself because I love to blog, and I take great pride in having fantastic blog posts. So turning over a new leaf for myself, I decided to go on a campaign as to how I can find some great sources of information worth blogging about.

Actually when I got rolling on this post I discovered some great resources. To save you from the “boredom syndrome” I thought I would share some ideas with you.

1. digg.com
This is a great source of information. The good thing about picking up news from this site is that there is such a variety that you are sure to find something that fits in with your blog niche. Keep in mind though that bloggers don’t suffer from tunnel vision, meaning they have lots of interests. Chances are if you find something interesting here at digg then your fellow bloggers will too. If you write about a topic that everyone already wrote about – make sure to bring something new to the table.

2. Youtube.com
Come on now, don’t forget to add some spice to your blogging life with some humor. There is always something hilarious taking place on youtube. Take a few minutes to find something that gives you a chuckle and pass it on to your fellow bloggers. Not looking for hilarious – there are some very interesting news videos uploaded every minute to the site.

3. News.google.com
It is always important if you want to be a good blogger to keep up with the times. More people are becoming aware of what’s going on in the world, so current events are always a good blog topic. Oh, and be sure to add to this issues that are becoming hot topics. This could include topics such as the environment and going green, for example.

4. A blast from the past
I bet if your go back through your archive of blogs to the early days you can resurrect some interesting tidbits that you can expand upon for today’s topics. You will probably have a different take on it now, so although writing about something old it will be interesting to see it in a new light.

5. Old things to do bring new ideas
If you were to go back and look at your task lists from the beginning of last year, you will probably find enough interesting topics to keep you posting some dynamic posts for the next week. Look at what you were up to a year ago and this will inspire you for sure!

6. Stress yourself out
Odd to say, but some people work better and think better under pressure. So turn on the timer for two minutes with the goal of coming up with at least one great topic to blog about. Okay if you need three minutes then go ahead. Try it, and you will be amazed at how well it works.

7. Twitter to the rescue
Just type in twitter search “I am writing” and see what comes up. The twitter search engine is amazing as it shows what millions of people twit about all over the world and there for, doing that search, you will get tons of ideas.

8. Newspaper Inspiration
There will probably be no shortage of topics if you ask your facebook and twitter followers what they read in the newspaper this morning that they found interesting. From my experience people tend to remember only the most interesting stuff they read in the newspaper and this is what you will want to write about.

So while you are going through these few suggestions of mine make sure you open up a second window on your computer, and start listing all the ideas you come across for your blog writing. Chances are you are going to gather enough data to keep you going for the next little while. In fact I am still working on topics I picked up from two months back.

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