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Why Bloggers Lie about Making Money Online and their Blog Traffic

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Why some bloggers lie about their blog revenue and the amount of unique visitors they have? Is it another way to get attention of internet advertisers? I don’t think so because if you think this way then you must be dumb, and your blogging way will not take you to anywhere. Then what is the real reason?! Why someone will lie about this information while anyone can fetch his blog using a free tool or a website that provide states service.

Who do you expect to believe you?

I was thinking why someone start a new blog and write a high quality professional blog posts with tones of valuable information describing how he is getting 1000 unique visitors per day and making $100 daily and oh! Yeah they story of how he worked out to get his blog ranked high on search engines and how fast Google cashes his blog posts. You know what was the deal? Absolutely fake posts and fake blog, all what it has a 20 posts of crap and a blog worth nothing!

Oh boy!

I was shocked today while taking a tour on the internet checking some main webmasters discussion forums and what people (bloggers) say and discuss about. It’s funny and sad at the same time, I will not mention the forum or the bloggers just because it will not make a big difference for you, the thing is what we can learn from that lesson!

Write the truth and only the truth

I got it now! Those bloggers are creating a perfect blog, a prefect blog that doesn’t exits in our blogosphere, but they are making it some how, they are building a blog, a perfect blog that start makes money from the day zero of blogging, they claim to make money from the first day and end with making more money everyday. They are giving the best tips from their own (fake) experiences.

They are hiding something, yes.. they want to make money from the internet like others but they just look so perfect that you will fall in love with their blogs from the first look! Their blogs looks so perfect that it’s weird and makes me suspect what I read. The bad thing is they are cheating their readers in case they have any!

The real life of a newbie blogger

Yes I can go back on time and edit my old posts and add value to them and make them look more perfect, but I will never be able to learn this tip at the first a few month of blogging, because simple I will be busy trying to get ideas to write about, I will be busy writing new posts because I need to have content for my blog or socializing by commenting on other blogs,  I will be posting a guest post to boost my blog success, I will be testing and setting up new plugins and got my blog crashed because of that, and I am going to manage this and get some help from expert bloggers or other bloggers who started maybe one year before I did! Yes!.. This is the real life of bloggers when they first start a blog! We will be spending money not earning any money at least for a few months!

So PLZ don’t tell me lies! Just stop it!

They are effecting our atmosphere, they are destroying our blogosphere! Why they do that?

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