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Running Out Of Blogging Ideas Then Try Photo A Day!

Girl taking photos using digital camera

Now there comes a time when all bloggers do have a tendency to get that dreaded Blogger Block, where you just can’t think of what to blog about and every time you sit down to blog, you sit staring at the keyboard with nothing but blank thoughts!

I had this same problem sometime back and last year I decided that I would do some interesting on my blog on a daily basis, not only would I post like I normally do and also post article from my guest bloggers, but I would also do a Photo A Day which seems to be very popular at the moment.

Most of us these days have a digital camera and doing a Photo A Day is a great way to improve your photography skills as well as a lot of your blog readers find these sort of posts very interesting, also the search engines love a blog that updates on a regular basis, so you are befitting in several ways.

Just remember to take your camera out with you everywhere you go, you will be surprised by the amount of things that you can see that jump out and say “photo opportunity”, take photos of anything and everything, if you are out having a meal and trying something you haven’t eaten before, take a photo of it and then post it on your blog letting everyone know what you thought of the meal. The skies the limit and in time you will find that photographs will get better and you will see things you’ve never really noticed previously.

There are several ways of uploading your photos on to the internet, I personally use Flickr and have a “set” which is for my Photo A Day pictures, I than have a Flickr widget on the blog for up to date Photos and I also blog about the picture on the blog.

So this is just one way to improve your daily blogging, from experience I have found that my readers are enjoying my Photo A Day posts.

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