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Choose Quality over Quantity When Blogging

Quality or Quantity

Many new bloggers think that the key to bringing in readership is to churn out as many posts as possible and publish them to get indexed by the search engines. While this may get more posts indexed quicker, this may hurt your bottom line if your articles are not high enough quality to convert a casual visitor to a fan and who will hopefully become a repeat and long term reader.

Unless your blog is a multi-author blog where you can easily output a higher number of posts, or you have enough free time to do multiple posts per day I recommend you follow some of the following guidelines before publishing your article.

Things To Do Before Publishing Your Post

By re-reading your own article and not only proof reading, but reading as if you were a casual visitor you may gain insight into your own article and find ways to tune it and make it more valuable to your readers. Writing content that you want to be long lasting and leave a mark in your readers minds doesn’t come quickly or easily.

A well written article will do more to bring traffic and attention to your site than posting four times as many “incomplete” or less meaningful articles. People will want to share an article that they thought was well written and inspired, educated or incited them to respond.

I have also written more detailed writing tips for bloggers which elaborate on how articles should have substance to ensure readers keep coming back for more.

Bottom Line

If you have to choose between generating quantity or quality for your blog then you should always opt for quality, the number of posts in your sitemap.xml or indexed by Google won’t matter if the content doesn’t keep readers engaged to where they want to read more of your work. Your written article is your first “impression” for any reader who arrives from a search engine and many referral sites, you want to make sure you always put your best foot forward and write each article as if you were trying to impress your reader and convince them to stay and make your site a part of their normal reading habits.

-Dragon Blogger

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