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When was the Last Time you Helped a Blogger?

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A question came into my mind today while thinking of our blogging community, and how we could support each other for real, and what I mean by “for real” is not by tweeting your blog post or adding a comment here or a vote there, I am talking about real support by solving a problem.

If you think/feel you support others, maybe OTHERS don’t think/feel they got your support!

This could be a strange way of thinking for some of you, but it happens a lot in our real life, especially with people who set a big goal which is helping others, you start to think you did a big favor for someone, and they don’t appreciate it -I am not trying to say they are bad people- they just don’t feel the same way! they didn’t receive it the same way you think, or in a better words, they didn’t get value from your support to think of it as a big favor!

Does it matter?

It doesn’t really matter, and it shouldn’t matter to you, I mean think of how many people in this world you can help just by blogging everyday about something useful, something you think it’s useful, others don’t think so! they hate you already after the first visit! some others don’t even care to know who you are, and probably you will never get a chance to meet with them in real life!

Good things will happen soon, I am a big believer!

I know.. it’s a long road.. But, keep doing the good work no matter what!

And, If you need my assistance on anything related to blogging, don’t hesitate to add a comment or contact me directly, I don’t mind to help if I can!

Now Tell me plz,

When was the last time you helped a Blogger?

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