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  1. Samuel says:
    Hi Hesham, Great tutorial. Wouldn't it be useful to call the JQuery Tools script only on pages you needed it? Instead of every page? How would you go about doing this?
  2. Karan says:
    Wow, looks nice... I always wondered how did you do that... Thanks for the tutorial..
  3. Nasif says:
    I think you are the first to come up with using jquery tabs in thesis theme. Never saw anyone using this type tab in thesis theme !
  4. John says:
    Hi Hesham, i am not expert in jquery and ajex, but love to try. Thanks for the interesting post John
    • Hesham says:
      It's cool to try new things, this is how I learn! Enjoy your time!
  5. Alex says:
    Hesham - I think I love you ;) I have been wanting to add that tbbed widget that I see on so many themes (like Elegant themes for example) as it saves so much space and looks great too. I will probably just email this post to Dev and ask him to do it for me though LOL - looks way too confusing for me hahahaha. Any chance you can show me what the finished product looks like? I cannot find the tabs on your sidebar (although I just realised you may have it to only show on the home page so I will check there after commenting :) ) Thanks again for sharing your expertise on the matter completely free, you are a true gentlemen. Peace
    • Hesham says:
      Haha.. Tabs are really cool and it's got a lot of interest from the blog visitors, I can see a hot clicking are in my CrazyEgg stats! Yes, I have only on the home page, maybe I will add another on on sidebar when I have time! mmm I actually haven't checked the possibility of having two groups of tabs on the same page! I just try to help when I can mate, enjoy!
  6. Kharim says:
    WOW!!! You are an amazing Thesis skin designer and editor. Thanks for the tutorial :)
    • Hesham says:
      Thanks Kharim, enjoy!
  7. Fran Aslam the Onlinewriter says:
    Hi Hesham: All this is new information for me. But may be I can use it in future. Fran A
    • Hesham says:
      Great, I hope so!
  8. Harsh Agrawal says:
    Looks good.. ..More over we can use it for many purpose..!! Thanks for tutorial :)
    • Hesham says:
      Exactly Harsh, I am actually the jQuery Tools for the related posts tool tip! Again another way to save space on the blog!
  9. Andrew Bailey says:
    great tutorial Hesham! once you get your fingers into jQuery then you'll be hooked and use it for everything! it's amazingly powerful and can do wonders with just a few lines of code.
    • Hesham says:
      Hey Andy, yes I am actually in a love mode, with the jQuery of course ;)
      • Prasenjit says:
        Yeah jQuery is something which people fall in love with very quickly.