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Schema JSON-LD WordPress Plugin

Google Structured Data has become an important SEO addition to every website since Google recommends the implementation of Schema.org markups to help its search engine to understand your content better, which leads to a better presentation in search results. Structured data refers to kinds of data with a high level of organization, such as information in a [...]

Structured Data

It’s known that structured data markup help your website communicate better with search engines by providing more specific details about your content. Personally, I had a big shift in web traffic and conversion rates on those websites which I’ve implemented structured data markup to. I can easily say that reviewing WordPress products like themes and plugins never being better. It worked great for both [...]

Digital Marketing Speakers

The culture of real meetings and conferences to share knowledge and experience is increasing day by day especially in the digital marketing space. Few years ago,  there  used to be a few conferences like SMX and later Moz.com came into play; however,  in today’s times, there are several different event companies and agencies that are [...]

Mutual Reciprocation

With the current transformation of Link Building to Link Earning, it is more important than ever for an SEO individual to carefully derive a creative strategy. With time, trends change but this time the ‘Reciprocal’ strategy is back in action again. Shocked? Don’t worry. I am not talking about exchanging links. Those were the times [...]

WordPress Rich Snippets Plugin

I've been working with content markups for more than two years now, this started here on FamousBloggers, it was my first site to implement reviews markups, then the story goes. And, finally I am able to introduce a new premium WordPress plugin called WP Rich Snippets, which allow adding more specific types of schema markups [...]

Outreach email

Building quality links that refer back to the website play a vital role in any SEO campaign. Whether you are in the SEO industry for a long time or you are a beginner, you probably have a fair idea that a SEO campaign is incomplete without these links.Generally it is considered that link building is [...]

Shopify SEO

Google is intent on making a few, but sure changes: the behemoth search company wants to make the web a cleaner place. It wants to make money, and it wants to extend search to mobile. As it goes about changing its mysterious algorithms as relentlessly as ever, small businesses and marketers are scrambling to redefine [...]

What to After Google Penguin 2.1

Almost all webmasters knows that Google use upto 200 signals to give a rank to a website, and usually Google update its algorithm at number of times every year. Recently Google announced hummingbird and Google Penguin 2.1 update and also cleared in conference that Hummingbird is a major update since last 3 years. Now search result [...]

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