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Google Rich Snippets

According to Google, Rich Snippets for Products are supported only for merchants, those who actually offer product purchase on page, means you can purchase the reviewed product on page. But, all other sites that promote a product or has affiliation with the merchant aren't supported by Rich Snippets reviews is not supported on sites that doesn't offer purchase [...]

CommentLuv Premium

If you have been following out blog since the early beginning, you may know that we love CommentLuv, one of the best rewarding plugins that we run all the time on FamousBloggers. Last year, Andy made huge changes and complete re-coding to make that plugin even more awesome than already it is. It's now more [...]


Since TweetAdder 4 came to light, my review went live, and I am accused of being not honest about it! More worst, some people claim that I got paid by TweetAdder to write sweet words about their software. (which is not true), the only true is that I am part of their affiliate program, and [...]

WordPress Reviews Plugin

Hey everyone, today I am launching the new WP Reviews plugin over at AuthorhReview.com to complete the reviews plugins package, now you can download all three plugins, and start kicking your product reviews. But first, I would like to tell you about a few things, so please keep reading to get to know what's in [...]

Increase Web Traffic

If you have a website, you know the most important thing is traffic. You need people to come to your website. Whether you have a blog and need readers or you have an online store that needs sales, traffic is the measure by which a website’s success is measured. Every day online businesses are competing [...]

Starbucks Cake

Hey everyone, we are about to enter a whole New Year. I personally had a good 2012,  and I hope you've enjoyed big success in business, and on the personal side as well. I wish I could meet all of my online friends and fellow bloggers in person. I would love it if we all live [...]

Pro Blogger Events

Being a professional blogger is unmatched among the jobs of the world, allowing you to work from home amid comfort, family and friends, and a real lack of common stress-creating circumstances found in more traditional workplaces. That's not to say that hard work isn't involved, though, and one area where effort is extra important is [...]

Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Hey all, we are getting ready for the Black Friday and Cyber Monday, I hope you are too. While people planning to go out to purchase their targeted products and enjoy discount and big savings, you can get all you business goodies without leaving home, this is what I enjoy most. I remember last year, I brought [...]

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