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Buffer Releases Top Requested Feature, Makes Efficient Tweeting Effortless

There is an exciting new update coming from Buffer, that I wanted to share with you. The App, which aims to help you share more of the great content you come across each day has released a fantastic new feature.

What is Buffer?

Already featured here on Famousbloggers a few months ago, the App offers a completely new way to share content. Whenever you read an article that is interesting, you just click the Buffer icon with one of the browser extensions for Chrome, Safari or Firefox.

By adding tweets to your Buffer, they will be posted for you well spaced out over the day. This means you can focus on reading your news, drop Tweets into your Buffer and never feel you need to check Twitter immediately.

buffer tweets

Using Buffering patterns for more efficient tweeting

As Buffer posts your Tweets at fixed times each day that you can determine, many users see the need to pause the Buffer every now and then. For example, you don’t want to put your Buffered tweets “to waste” over weekends, whilst there are less people online.

This is where Buffering patterns come in. You can now create different patterns for when your tweets go out each day. So say for example during weekdays, you have a higher frequency of tweets posted. And for weekends you can setup a new pattern, with less tweets.

Here is how it looks:

bufferapp tweets

Going that step further

The aim is that you can adjust these patterns more to your personal Tweeting habits. You can even go one step further and decide to create individual patterns for each individual day.

This might be particularly interesting if you are working together with an App called Tweriod, that shows you the best times to Tweet each day. Combining the two makes for a fantastic and much  more efficient way of Tweeting.

Wrap Up

If you tuned in to Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement speech last week, you might remember that he mentioned an astonishing insight about news sharing. As time passes, we, as users online, are increasing the amount we are sharing exponentially.

This is where Buffer comes in as a very valuable tool. As we all continue to share more and more online, finding a way that spaces out these pieces in order not to overwhelm our friends and followers is key. If you haven’t tried Buffer yet, you can give it a go here.

What do you think about Buffer and the new features? Do you believe it could help you step up your Tweeting a bit too?

You can give Buffer a go here: Buffer

I love to blog about Social Media and particularly Twitter. Every week I share Twitter Tips at Blog.Bufferapp.com. Say Hi anytime.


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  • Bruce Stevens July 26, 2011, 11:32 pm

    For me, Twitter would actually be a bit of a PITA to manage without Buffer, but your app makes it so simple to share what I’m doing – I absolutely love it, and think your new feature will make it even better.


  • Ken Moorhead July 26, 2011, 8:32 pm


    I absolutely *love* Buffer and use it as a timeshifting tool — I do most of my reading early in the morning or late at night, but those are *bad* times for sharing content! I’ve gone all out and used 14Blocks to help me set up the best times for me to Buffer each day. I’m also testing its effectiveness for group use with some of our sales reps — instead of everyone RT’ing at once, use the Buffer browser extension to time it for receipt by their networks. Hoping to see faster follower growth and increased click-thrus!


  • Samantha Gluck July 26, 2011, 4:46 pm

    I absolutely LOVE Buffer. It surpasses any of the others I’ve tried. Of course, I’ve only tried three others and only minimally because there were various reasons I didn’t like them. I love Buffer. I’m considering paying for premium after I get over all the cash I’m hemorrhaging, while getting my new website designed and paying for all the other things associated with it.


  • Blazing Minds July 26, 2011, 7:38 am

    I have to say that BufferApp is just getting better, it’s probably one of the handiest App around, I know I find it really useful when visiting a blog and using it to tweet out at a time when I have a better chance of the tweet being seen 😉

  • Jenni July 26, 2011, 5:03 am

    Seem it’s another schedule Twitter App, isn’t it?

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