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Blog Topics

One of the things that often comes up as I am suggesting blog topics for clients is "Why should I cover this topic when it's been covered by other blogs?" It's a great question - most businesses and bloggers think that they should only write about things seldom covered. While you do want to cover [...]

Google+ Communities

In case you haven't heard, Google+ has released their answer to Facebook and LinkedIn Groups in the form of Google+ Communities. In just 24 hours, communities went from zero to thousands of members and within a week, some groups are now up to 21,000+ members. In today's post, we're going to look at how to [...]

Analyze Facebook Data

We all know by now that you can get a great deal of insights into your Facebook page including number of likes, demographics about those who have liked your page, and other engagement statistics. But did you know you can now get analytics about your personal profile? You can for free thanks to a tool [...]

Hosting Companies for Bloggers

The recently surveyed bloggers about their hosting companies and published the results in an infographic, the Top 25 Hosting Companies for bloggers. The survey included bloggers using WordPress (43%), Blogger (35%), TypePad/Tumblr/Posterous (16%), and other platforms (6%). While it's great to know that these hosting companies were the most popular for the 5,600 bloggers surveyed, [...]

Affiliate Product Review

There is nothing more frustrating than getting excited about writing a review for an affiliate product that you love and watching it flop in terms of actually making money. It's happened to me - I've used a product, loved it, thought it was the perfect fit for my audience, wrote up a grand review, published [...]

Facebook Promoted Posts

Facebook Promoted Posts is a relatively new advertising option. It allows you to increase the exposure of updates on your Facebook page to a larger audience, and probably a chance to make money using Facebook. Instead of only a portion of your page's fans seeing your update, you will get the chance for your fans [...]

Inspirational Online Business

Starting an online business or expanding it beyond what you imagined it could be is the dream for those looking to make money online. Since I began blogging, I have been inspired by many people in the blogging world who have found a way to achieve their goals of freedom through online business. Here are [...]

Article Marketing

Recently, I worked with a client who had articles that were published back in January on a variety of article marketing sites. The client had taken a look at their articles, and noticed some were not cached. After some additional research, I found that, depending on the network, some articles were cached but not indexed, [...]

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