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How To Drive Traffic to Your Blog

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With all of the websites out there claiming to know the secrets of driving thousands of visitors to your blog in as little as 30 days, it’s frustrating to only see small scale results if any. The truth behind the secrets that these self-proclaimed experts try to sell you is not so secret, however.

Behind the curtain, internet marketing is not that much different than business marketing. It takes hard work and persistence to achieve good results. In order to break down the process a little further so that you can take the concept and run with it, here are a few tips:

How To Drive Traffic to Your Blog

1- Find out what drives 1 visitor to your blog

This probably sounds absolutely dumb and not profitable in any way, but in all seriousness, businesses outside of the internet have to start with their first sale too. If you can find what attracts a single site visitor to your blog, then you can replicate the process 100 times and get 100 website visitors. Your spectrum needs to remain small while you’re still new to blogging for a profit.

2- Focus on 1 form of growth

Again, I want to repeat the idea of starting small.  Little things add up! Google adsense doesn’t pay out thousands of dollars for a single ad click. They pay for thousands of small clicks that add to a larger amount. When I mention focusing on 1 form of growth, I’m talking about things such as backlinks, forums, social bookmarking, social networking, guest blogging, and article marketing.  These are all valid ways to help spread the word about the amazing content you’re creating on your blog.  Pick 1 of those and work at it for a period of time that you set aside.  Spend at least a week on just what you’ve selected before moving on to a different medium.

3- Reach for the stars

When looking for places to build traffic through backlinks, go after higher ranking websites that are actually going to benefit you and not the pagerank 0-1 websites that won’t affect your rankings.  Don’t just ask for backlinks and think you’re going to get them though.  You’re going to have to offer some form of value in return.  The internet is cruel and everyone is out to outrank the other.  A high ranking website is not going to post a link to your blog for free. However, if you can find a way to provide value to this blogger such as providing a mailing list or graphic design services, then you may have an approach that is going to be successful for you.

4- Stop linking out so much!

It’s important to provide your readers with credibility and supportive documentation, but if you add too many links to your articles, you will seem like less of an expert and more of an apprentice. You want your readers to see you as the expert in your field or blog topic.

5- Let your visitors work for you

Email your subscribers provide surveys and ask for ideas on what to write about or whatever it takes to convince subscribers that you intend to provide them with continued quality content. Place a contact form on your blog and encourage visitors to interact with you. Let your website be a conversation that your readers enjoy being a part of.  Doing so will make visitors bookmark your website and tell others about their positive experience.

Keeping these key points in mind especially when you’re just starting out will guarantee success.  Even if it is only small success, once you find something that works, you can repeat it over and over and see continual increases in your traffic.

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