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To me, 15 minutes is all what it takes to decide whither to promote a new product or just forget about it for ever! Promoting products online is not an easy job, but there are a few tricks that may help, there are also things that you should avoid, and other important and must do things. Being able to make good number of sales and earning a decent amount of money online is really motivating me to continue this journey.

I have asked by my friends and blog readers to share some tips on how I really make money online and what’s the most source of my income, so -without talking to much about numbers here- I am excited to pronounce my first ever affiliate marketing guide.

Most people don’t value free stuff! They think it was given to them for free because it doesn’t worth any money! To me, establishing relationships with real people worth more than any money in this world, and this guide is given to you to establish a good relationship together, you and me!

The 15 Minutes Later affiliate marketing guide has about 20 pages of extremely high valuable information, it’s really dangerous stuff, so be careful and never say I haven’t warned you 🙂

In this guide, I will explain to you my own and very personal ways of promoting products online, and I will share with you the story of how I made more than $1500 from promoting one single product in only 2 months by working (Hard) for only a few hours!

And, no.. It’s not a step by step guide, and it’s not a boring read, and I am not going to waste your time. It’s just a true story happened to me, and I would love it if you learn something good from it!

Why 15 minutes?

I fall in love in a few seconds! (Of course with the product, so don’t get me wrong .. I know you -:)

The idea of naming my affiliate marketing guide “15 Minutes Later” was just a simple idea came into my mind while I was writing it, I know that in most cases I found great products by doing a 15 minutes research, I got excited so quick, and I start working on my plans and promotion faster than you think!

Want to know my best sales products?

The hardest part of affiliate marketing to me is finding a good product, it really takes effort and time as I always try products before writing up my review or even deciding to review them, I do even what is worst than that when someone contact me asking to review her/his product or service and showing the willing to pay to get a review, I require them to send me a review copy of their product, then I take my time depending on the type of product they want me to review, after that it comes the “yes” or “no”, and some times I don’t respond when I don’t have a clear answer! It’s more complicated that most people think, I don’t want to review products the old fashion way, simply because I don’t like it, and it doesn’t work for my blog readers. And by default, what doesn’t work for my readers, absolutely doesn’t work for me!

I’ve promote a few product during 2010 and I had great luck with products like:

I am honored to say that I could hit the five figures income on the first year of blogging if 2010 had 13 months, but unfortunately a year has only 12 months!

How to Get the 15 Minutes Later Guide?

Alright, I bet you know it because you can’t be on the wrong page 🙂

But… Just in case.. There is a damn so good looking brand new opt-in form below every blog post, add your name and email, hit the download button, and it’s all yours!

Oh! don’t forget to activate your subscription after you opt-in or you won’t get any guides or super tips!

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