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40 Plus Reasons Why I Agree with ElegantThemes Increasing its Price

ElegantThemes Membership

I just notice that Nick Roach of the most affordable theme membership site ElegantThemes increased the price of it’s yearly paid membership to $39 regarding to the world economic crises, just kidding 😉

I wanted to give you more than 40 reason why I agree on doubling ElegentThemes’s price which is -in my opinion- still affordable, makes a lot of sense and just fine!

Update March 2014: Reasons increased to 87, als ElegantThemes will increase its price to $69.

I have used ElegantThemes on 3 of my blogs for almost one year now, (Oh! My God, I have to renew my membership) well, why I have to worry about that? the Price will only affect new members, this means all current members will renew with the old price! and actually there is no problem because I simply still can earn from ElegantThemes membership with out killing myself on marketing it, in my opinion, ElegantThemes has created it’s own marketing strategy that works without having to suffer! It simply works a lone! And I recommend to everyone to Join it’s affiliate, and I will tell you why latter!

So, let me show you one of my blogs that has one of ElegantThemes. We are planning to make more interviews to be published on it in the near future, it was built to be a place to interview bloggers who make money online and share their success stories in a simple way that make it easy for everyone to learn form! I call it the New Media Bloggers.

Here is my 44 reason and still counting

Look at these fine, clean and elegant WordPress theme designs for WordPress blogs, it can fit perfectly for several blogging niches, and if you are not convinced then you must check out there elegant themes, I am showing you here 44 themes that already delivered by ElegantThemes, you can get them all for only $30 plus those new themes that Nick will be delivering in the whole coming year, and by the way, you will be surprised of his support!!

Check out this amazing WordPress theme that you will get for only $39

What about the affiliate program?!

This is a another reason to love Elegantthemes, it pays out  a very nice affiliate commission. ElegantThemes became a big name in the WordPress themes world, and it has a good reputation, great support and tons of themes that you can recommend to your clients with confident, so… basically you it will pay off it’s own price in no time.

The price change didn’t affect affiliate commission percentage of ElegantThemes, it’s still 50% of the total membership price, which is great deal, it’s even better for both sides, now it worth more to market ElegantThemes than ever.

What’s your opinion?

I would love to hear what you think about ElegantTheme, the new price, and if you are welling to renew your membership after the price change or not!

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