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Keyword Winner – Pre-Launch Has Started

Keyword Winner

If you know me, then probably you know that I am a big fan of effective SEO Tools, I always look for new Keywords Tools trying to rank my blog posts higher in search engines. My friend Daniel Lew has a pre-launch for an awesome brand new WordPress plugin, he call it Keyword Winner.

Keyword Winner

I’ve talked with Dan about the Keyword Winner plugin, and I can not wait till I put my hands on the final version and setup this awesome plugin on FamousBloggers.

Why I like this SEO WordPress Plugin?

The most thing I like is the idea itself, Keyword Winner has the ability to SEO your Titles, you will not have to jump here and there between applications and other keywords search tools or web sites, you can simple do it while you are typing your post title, it’s so simple, easy and makes your work done faster as results are brought to you live!

YES! Get live keywords ideas while typing your post title!

We all know that the most important part of SEO is choosing titles, you need to make sure your WordPress titles are actually helping your SEO. Keyword Winner plugin gives you SEO ideas for your post title, these ideas and SEO suggestions will help you optimize your WordPress title for search engines while you are typing it, Check this screen capture:

Keyword Winner - WordPress write a new post title

Pre-Launch Has Started.. So, it’s time to prepare yourself for this awesome SEO revolution. Some times I imagine my WordPress dashboard with some new digital meters, lots of bright shiny (touch sensitive) buttons, and.. Always READY to Go like a vehicle from future haha!

Affiliate Program?

Of course, Keyword Winner affiliate program will be ready soon, Dan put 50% commissions and cash bonuses to give away for top affiliates who promote this product over launch, so.. make sure you have an account at ClickBank, and stay tuned and be sure to join the affiliate program.

Pre-Launch Has Started- Only 10 days left till the Big launch! Get Started Here!

You could be the Keyword Winner!

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