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From Thesis Framework to StudioPress Genesis Framework

From Thesis to Genesis

Before you read this post, I would like you to know it’s not a StudioPress Genesis VS Thesis Theme post, it’s also not a try to compare Thesis Framework to Genesis Framework. This post is a try to answer this question: Should I Switch from Thesis Theme to Genesis Theme? Lucky me, I’ve got the chance to own the developer option for both frameworks or then I won’t be able to actually write this post.

But hey, Why I would need a Framework anyways?!

If you know what you need, and if what you need is to create a unique design for your blog, then you certainly need a WordPress Theme Framework, something that you can work it out from scratch, add your ideas and paint your own dreams blog!

This post will help two kind of bloggers who are trying to make up their minds on which premium WordPress framework to go for, I wrote it for those who do not own Thesis or Genesis, and it’s also for those who are thinking to move from Thesis to Genesis following the steps of the big guys who recently moved from Thesis, however I see it was clearly a business decision that has nothing to do with you!

Anyways, it’s your blog, it’s your money, and it’s your business, so you are the one who make decisions here.

Before you proceed any farther, I would like to point to Brian Gardner‘s post as it’s a must read for those who is trying to find an answer: Genesis is Not Thesis, and Thesis is Not Genesis, I hope you will enjoy like I did.

As you might notice, we are using Thesis Framework and a fully customized thesis skin on FamousBloggers, but I’ve made a new fresh WordPress installation of a sub-domain name to setup a Genesis Framework Demo for you, I wanted to show you how it’s possible to make the switch between WordPress Frameworks and keep the same and exact design elements of your blog.

Probably you are asking yourself what is a WordPress Theme Framework?

A Theme framework is a Theme designed to be a flexible foundation for quicker WordPress development, usually serving as a robust Parent Theme for Child Themes. Some Theme frameworks can also make theme development more accessible, removing the need for programming or design knowledge with options pages.

Source: Theme Frameworks

And What is a Child Theme?

A WordPress child theme is a theme that inherits the functionality of another theme, called the parent theme, and allows you to modify, or add to, the functionality of that parent theme.

Source: Child Themes

But what it takes to switch from Thesis to Genesis?

And is it really worth to make the move? This is what you are about to discover in this exciting blog post and experiment of mine.

Take a look to my Genesis Framework Demo, you will notice how I am able to keep most details of the original design, although there a few missing elements, but this is not an issue, it’s all regarding time, so put in mind that it took me one full day of work to discover the power of Genesis Theme, however I am sure if I give it another day of work I will be able to finalize the design completely to work exactly like FB customized Thesis Skin.


Powered by StudioPress Genesis Framework

Take a look to my Genesis Framework Demo

How I did it?

Alright, if you are wondering how I did it, I am pleased to explain the basic idea. I am going to tell you -in short- how I did it.

The good thing is I own Genesis developer option which allows me to play, so I picked the closet Genesis child theme to make my basic layout as this will reduce the amount of necessary work, then I started to add my touches and make over, basically it’s all about moving Thesis Skin functions to Genesis functions, and also the styles to the theme CSS file, of course it’s not a copy and past process, it’s not that simple, the key here is to tweak or rewrite functions or then it will not work or break your site as each theme has it’s own functions and hooks.

If you don’t know what Hooks are, then find out about it following the WordPress Plugin API page.

The reason I didn’t complete demo to the end is because I didn’t want to waste too much time working on it as it’s just a demo, my goal was to learn how to customize Genesis Theme and to show what I’ve done and what can be done if you are thinking to move from Thesis to Genesis, it’s actually safe, the road is open for you, but you should think for a minute, why actually you would move from Thesis to Genesis?!

Should I move from Thesis to Genesis?

Genesis Theme is really powerful theme framework, you just need to know if it’s the right theme for you. Put in mind that the more customized your Thesis Skin is the more work and time will take to switch between these two frameworks, however this can be done, it’s not impossible! Actually there is nothing impossible in this life, there are only hard to do things!

The thing is I don’t really see it necessary to switch your framework, if you are using Thesis, then you should stick with it and try to get the most out of it, although it’s a good decision for developers who may want to expand their market and target more clients who are welling to pay for Genesis customization, in this case it’s cool idea to buy Genesis developer package and put your hands on their awesome themes.

Decision Time!

Which way to go? I really can not tell you, as I’ve said before, it’s completely up to you because it’s your blog and you are the one who will use Theme Framework! If you want to create a unique blog design for your blog then frameworks is the right way to go, however it really depends on your needs and experience as it takes a little of design and development knowledge to customize a theme!

If you don’t have any experience with design and coding, I mean here you are a non techie guy, you don’t want to spend time learning new stuff, and at the same time you wish to have a highly customized design for your blog with less experience and no bloody coding stuff, then don’t worry! You also can do that, I would recommend Headway Framework, it’s much easier to use, and it’s famous by the drag and drop frame work 🙂

Another options is to hire a designer, this of course will cost you in most of the cases depending on your requirements, we are not talking here about cheap designs, you really don’t need that and I really don’t have to tell you why! Right? I bet you know the importance of design for your blog especially if you are planning it as a business.

There is also another way to design your blog, it can be done by posting a Design Job to our JobBoard, hire someone from our community, we have a few members who know how to design and work with frameworks like Thesis and Genesis, I recommend this option because you are the one who will decide how much depending on your budget and the amount of work needed, then you will be contacted by designers and developers who are interested to do the job.

I put my thoughts together about these two great WordPress frameworks to help you decide which WordPress Theme Framework to go for, and as I’ve stated earlier in this post, I was not trying to compare it’s features, but I wanted to show you what can be done, both are great, both are powerful, so it’s completely up to you go Thesis, Genesis or even Headway!

Tell me!

Tell me about your decision, which Framework you prefer? Why?

Are you thinking to make move from Thesis to Genesis? Why not?!

I hope I presented some useful information for you today!

Disclosure.. This post includes my affiliate links which allow me to earn a commission when a purchase is done through it.

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