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Facebook Advertising Killed Google Adwords

Facebook advertising System

Hi everyone, I’m Faissal Alhaithami. I’m going to share why Facebook advertising killed Google Adwords! I’ll share the secrets in Facebook advertising necessary to generate massive traffic, and the endless opportunities that this system offers that Google Adwords doesn’t. However, this doesn’t mean that Google Adwords is useless or that using Facebook advertising will make you satisfied. As a mater of fact, you will still be in need of Google Adwords.


As you know there are Facebook fan pages that Facebook offer, and this pages are really like an opt-in pages. let me explain more, when you create an ad you have the option to send your visitors to your website, your capture page or you’ve a chance to set what we are called landing page, I will be explaining more about it, and as you know internet marketing and generating traffic is all about leads and relationship which Facebook is the best place for that.


Before I start, please keep in mind the “more” rule:

( more specific = more leads >> more leads = more traffic >> more traffic = more money )

One of the wonderful things about Facebook advertising is that you can be ultra specific. Users provide Facebook with an abundance of information about themselves. We’re talking about their favorite books, interests, religion, political views, favorite quotes and so on. All of this information is gold to a potential advertiser.

When setting up your advertisement campaign, you’ll be able to choose whom you want to see your advertisement by targeting specific demographic information. You can target by location, keywords, likes and interests, language, education, workplace, birth date, age, connections, friends, and relationship status.

For example, if you wanted to target all of the single women ages 25-30 in New york, it’s an easy task.

It’s important to be specific about your audience when creating an advertisement. It helps you produce specific copy. For example, you could create an ad for single women, one for married women ,and one for divorced women. This specificity helps you boost click through rates and maximize your budget.

With more than 550 million active users ranging from pre-teens to senior citizens, your audience is likely present on Facebook. Before you begin creating your advertisement, you decide specifically whom you’re going to target. You can always create more than one ad, so if you have a large audience, brainstorm  on how you can use the Facebook demographic options to narrow your focus.

Facts : Research says people between the ages of 35-45 are more likely to click on your ads.

Facebook Double lead strategy


Facebook Double lead strategy

Here is the best about part about the Facebook advertising system: you can generate 2 leads at the same time!! With the double lead strategy, you can get an Email and a like.

When you create a Facebook page, you will have the ability to set a landing page. In addition, the landing page is where people or the visitors go when they click on your ads. Furthermore, you can design this landing pages as you like, so you can design this landing page to truly capture leads. Moreover, when people land on this page you, can ask them to take 2 actions. Firstly, to like your page. Secondly,  to give you their name and email to get your E-book or what ever you have promise them in your ads. You can generate 2 leads with 1 price.

Building relationships

You all know that social media has largely effected the way we do internet marketing due to it’s ability to help us build a relationship between us and the prospects. Furthermore, this task is really easy when your page visitor clicks on the like button, because you will have the ability to send updates to their Facebook news feed. This helps Facebook advertiser sto build a strong relationship with the prospects very easily.

In a nutshell, we conclude that Facebook is playing with the cord of specificity and the double lead strategy. They are the #1 social network for helping advertisers to generate massive traffic and build relationships more easily than ever.


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