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Traffic Generation Resources

It has been an exciting week since we started our blogging contest, so we thought of a simple way to update you with new entries.

In this post, you will find a list of all articles in our Traffic Generation Blogging Contest. This is where we will track all entries.

This post will be updated often, and we will add new links to posts and reviews submitted by the participants during March 2011.

The traffic Generation Blogging Contest is brought to you by:

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You still can participate in the contest. Start writing a killer article about website traffic and give your best tips and advice. Find more information about the Traffic Generation contest. You could win one of our big $4500 cash prizes that we have thanks to our kind sponsors.

Check out the Articles

1- PPV – Your Key to Massive Traffic in NO Time! By @TheBadBlogger , and the big contest of 2011.

  1. Blog Interact – Are You Using this Social Voting Dynamic Site?
  2. Waatp – Quick and Easy Real Time People Search!
  3. SMSCoin.net – Your Solution to Prevent Online Sales From Falling Apart!
  4. Longest.com Present GoDaddy PERMANENT Coupon Codes!
  5. Is Cute Rank a Replacement of Market Samurai?
  6. WordPressThemes.com – Beauty or Junk?
  7. BlogDash – Smart Service For Smart People!

2- Facebook Advertising Killed Google Adwords! By @Faissalhaithami , and the traffic generation contest.

  1. Kristi Hines Blog Post Promotion tactics ebook
  2. Waatp.com real time people search – are you inside?
  3. Bloginteract – come and interact with other bloggers
  4. Invesp | More conversations between your fingers
  5. SMScoin | earning money with premium SMS
  6. Spork Marketing | wide variety of Internet marketing services
  7. Android Geek Tips | tips, reviews and deals for Android
  8. Get your Free Iphone right now!
  9. Vertical Measures | intelligent website marketing services
  10. Go Globe | web design and web application development company
  11. WP hosting discount | everything you need in Webhosting
  12. BlogDash | The blogger outreach dashboard
  13. Cute Rank | Check and Track your keyword rankings For Free
  14. GoDaddy promo code & GoDaddy Coupon
  15. Dan Lew | affiliate marketer & SEO professional
  16. wordpressthemes | world best wordpress themes in one place
  17. BasicBlogTips.com | Blogging Tips, Video Tutorials and Social Media Optimization

3- How Bing, Softball And Yahoo Got Me Blog Traffic! By @friendlyblogger , and 4000 in prizes blogging contest.

  1. The Dan Lew Review: Hey, That Rhymes

4- How to Attract More Advertisers to your Blog By @Smartfatblogger

5- Car Racing VS. Traffic Building – By @imarketerlinda , and the comluv blogging contest.

6- Combining the Best SEO and SMO in Traffic Generation – By @kirapermunian , and the big traffic generation contest.

7- How to Get More Traffic by Providing Incentives? – By @Techpupil , and the guest blogging contest post.

8- Vibrant Ways To Generate Traffic And Build Relationships – By @thatgirlisfunny , and the massive traffic generation contest.

9- How to Beat the Changes to Organic Traffic Generation Rules- By @MavisNong , and the contest announcement.

  1. CuteRank – The Smart Way to Check Your Search Engine Rankings
  2. Looking For a New Domain Name? Save Money With GoDaddy Coupons!
  3. Basic Blog Tips With Ms Ileane Smith
  4. Blog Post Promotion – How I Got Over 400 Comments on My Contest Post!
  5. Blog Interact – The New Home for Bloggers

10- The Secrets Behind Natural Link Building – By @flame_scorpion , and how to win a blogging contest.

11- 50 Traffic Sources You Should Milk Like Crazy – By @LiveUrLove , and a share of $4000.

  1. Blog Post Promotion book | Review of Kikolani’s Ultimate Guide
  2. BlogInteract | Blogging community you should join
  3. CuteRank | Check your rankings in flying colors
  4. Ileane Smith from Basic Blog Tips
  5. Are you searching for some Android tips and tricks?
  6. Kennewick Real Estate Site
  7. Arrange your Vacation Rental
  8. WordPress Themes Catalog
  9. Blog Post Promotion Tips & Book
  10. The perfect spot for Bloggers Outreach
  11. Let’s do some climbing up the Search Engines
  12. Awesome personalized gifts…and more
  13. Blogging Community you Should Join NOW!
  14. Top Travel Websites and Blogs
  15. 1001 Wall Clocks
  16. GoDaddy coupons and codes

12- Charming an Overlooked Readership – By @epavard , and a post about the blogging contest.

13- Traffic Generation: Using The Old And Boring Hooks Correctly – By @janesheeba , and $4000 in cash prizes contest.

  1. Introduce Ms. Ileane From Basic Blog Tips
  2. Dan Lew | The Confident Winner Who Made Keyword Winner
  3. Blog Interact | Don’t miss this one, seriously!

14- How I Got 50k Pageviews For A Single Post In A Day – By @ariffshah and traffic generation post.

  1. Where to Get GoDaddy Coupons?
  2. I Want A New Premium WordPress Theme!
  3. Best WordPress Web Hosting Resource
  4. Blog Post Promotion – You Got Tactics?
  5. Basic Blog Tips For Bloggers Like You & Me

15- How to Drive Consistent But Free Traffic To Your Blog – By @bbrian017 , and the blogging contest post.

  1. Engage with bloggers at Blog Interact
  2. Get a new domain name? Don’t forget the coupon codes!
  3. Join blogdash and improve your blogs reach
  4. Monitor and check your keywords on multiple search engines
  5. Creating a successful blog takes a professional blog theme
  6. 6- Looking for a way to monetize your blog or website?
  7. Looking for an old friend?
  8. Looking to buy a home in Kennewick Washington
  9. Looking for a new webhost? Don’t forget the discount codes!
  10. Get the best blogging tips online at basic blog tips dot com
  11. How to promote and market your blog post
  12. Learn, Optimize and Make Money
  13. SEO writer for hire, get quality content on your blog
  14. Search engine optimization (SEO)
  15. Is it time for a vacation? Is it time to travel?
  16. Do you love poetry? If so then read on
  17. The Monogrammed Martini – Personalized jewelry
  18. We all need intelligent marketing services

16- Create Free (Viral) Content That Works Like A Traffic Magnet – By @TheBadBlogger , and the big contest of 2011.

17- 10 Ways To Increase Website Traffic With Forums – By @JMPruitt75 , and Guest Posting Contests.

18- 7 Hidden Money Pockets Lying Dormant In Your Business – By @buzzblogger

19- Traffic Generation and the Survival of the Dodo bird! – By @Techpupil and the guest blogging contest post

20- Zen and the Art of Web Traffic – By @kjhosein , new contest and awesome prizes post, and traffic generation contest.

21- The 3 Star Rating Traffic Generation Report – By @newbizblogger , and the contest is ON!

22- Podcasts – The Underestimated Traffic Source! By @TheBadBlogger , and the big contest of 2011.

23- Blogging on Steroids – By @DeniseGabbard and Traffic Generation Idea.

24- CommentLuv Will Be The Future Of Traffic? – By @Faissalhaithami , and the traffic generation contest.

25- The Different Avenues of Building Traffic – By @element321 , and another great contest.

  1. 300+ Premium WordPress Themes To Choose From!
  2. CuteRank: Compare Your Rankings on Multiple Search Engines
  3. Blog Interact: A New Social Bookmarking Site
  4. Learn New Ways To Promote Your Blog Articles
  5. Discounts on WordPress Hosting Domain Names
  6. Daniel Lew Creator of Keyword Winner WordPress Plugin

26- How to Generate Traffic Without Spending a Dime – By @growwithstacy , and the traffic generation contest post

27- How to Really Get Targeted Traffic to Your Site: Let Us Go Back to the Start – By @_cosmin , and ComLuv’s 2011 Traffic Generation Contest

28- Getting more Traffic is Like Hitting the Bullseye! By @Techpupil , and the guest blogging contest post

29- Use Facebook to Drive Traffic To Your Site – By @element321 , and another great contest

30- How to Tweet Your Traffic? By @Techpupil , and the guest blogging contest post

31- Generating Traffic Via Paid And Organic Search – By @tonyknuckles , and traffic generation contest post.

For Participants

Let us know when you publish any review for any of our sponsors so we can add it to the list here in this post! Reviews will allow you to gain more points, which will help you to win a better place in the contest! Read more about our contest by visiting the Traffic Generation Blogging Contest information page.

For our readers!

If you find these articles useful, then please don’t forget to show some love by sharing these articles with your friends and followers.

Don’t forget to check out the Blog Post Promotion guide by Kristi Hines. It’s a great resource that will help you promote the hell of your blog post and guarantee your place in the contest!

We wish you all good luck!

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