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Car Racing VS. Traffic Building

Traffic Building

To drive traffic to your site you have to have a niche. In this case it is car racing vs. traffic building. First you start out as a sprint driver. In order to start bring traffic to your race you need to build your foundations. You build a dedicated website, a related blog and a fan page on Facebook. Your goal here is to get people excited and invite them out to your race – as you do better with each race you begin to build momentum. As the momentum builds, so does the foundations you set up.

As you move up you expand your outlooks and set up a twitter page. You gain followers by promoting your upcoming races. As the excitement builds, the followers get excited and re-tweet and re-post your progress.

Once you start winning more and more races, your foundations are building. But, then you decide to go a step further and move up to the next level – a modified. From here your outlook starts expanding even more because you have moved up a level and gained even more followers. You then get more Twitter followers and Facebook friends because you have just increased your level of racing. From here you go to forums that are related to racing and you answer inexperienced racer questions and you build up a relationship with everyone within the forums. You go to more forums and do the same and now your traffic is increasing from not only your fan base from those new relationships you just made at the forums.

Race as hard as you can

You go out and you race as hard as you can with a couple downfalls, but you get right back on your wheels and keep doing the best you can do. Before you know it, you have won your first championship at the race track your fans know you best at. Next thing you know you are being contacted by sponsors or partners that want to do business with you because they see just how successful you really are and see that you are soon going to be going to the TOP! So, they offer you sponsorships in exchange for doing your best and driving traffic to their sites or product.

They advertise your name and or brand, which in turns brings in more traffic than you could ever dream of. You get out on the race track and do your best and while you are out there, you are raising awareness for your current sponsor or partner. As the sponsor sees their traffic increase, yours is out the roof top as you are being exposed to more people than you could have ever imagined. You are now on top and now have non-stop traffic, as long as you keep up your end of the bargain and keep racing and winning. If you win the championship with your new sponsor on board, you will be rewarded not only in extra exposure but in more money than you ever expected.

So, go out there and start racing like a champion and move on up to the Nascar level where you have it all, but you still have to keep up the momentum and work hard to keep your fans and build new ones. You keep building upon what you have already started and before you know it, you are the next Nascar champion and you will be one of the big guru’s that everyone knows and recognizes and wants everything to do with you. But remember, like us all we have to start small and work hard to build up the momentum to earn that special spot with all the rewards that will pay off in the end!

Thanks for reading and hope you liked the concept!

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